Monday, February 21, 2011

Home and Hospitals

it's nice to be back home. Brett picked me up from the airport on Saturday evening and I even had a fairly good night sleep once we got home. Nothing beats your own bed. My flight back from Florida wasn't very full, so I got all three seats in the row to myself! It's a real treat to be able to lie down on a plane ride. I even had my pillow with me.

On Sunday, Brett and I took a tour of the Childbirth Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, which is where I will deliver the babies, presuming all goes well. The hospital wasn't as scary as I had imagined and the tour left us with a very positive feeling. The two nurses that we met were extremely nice, friendly and helpful. One of them even gave me a hug after I was shown the operating room and a look of panic moved across my face. Because I'm having twins, the policy is that I will be doing the actual delivery in the operating room, just in case. I will still get to spend the majority of the labor in the nice homey-looking birthing rooms, but the idea of being moved at the last minute to the operating room still freaks me out. Brett says that I probably won't even remember that part when everything is all over, but I think he's wrong.

So my goal is to make it to at least 35 weeks, which would put us at July 15th. If I go into labor before then, I will likely have to go to Bay State in Springfield, because they are the only hospital around with a NICU. Hopefully we won't have to do that.

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  1. this is such a pretty looking blog. so bright and cheerful...just like you! glad you got to tour the hospital and that the people who you met are friendly. looking forward to reading you next entries and following along the babies-growing journey