Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 14

I spent this week in Florida, visiting my family and resting in the sun. I haven't had any queasiness all week, but I have still been very tired and unable to sleep well at night. My cough is slowly getting better, but isn't gone yet.

I feel like my belly is really getting big. It feels uncomfortable sometimes, not in a horrible way, but sort of like a dull ache. My regular pants are no longer comfortable at all. Mama and I went to some thrift stores this week and I found a great pair of maternity pants, so I've been wearing those.

Here are some photo highlights of my week in the sun.

Timmy working in the garden, planting more broccoli.

I went with Amber to Atom's appointment with the pediatric hematologist. The hospital had a very cool wall of water that you walk through to get into the building.

I enjoyed watching this beautiful hawk perched on the bamboo overlooking the lake one morning.

Timmy and I picked oranges!

The lake was chilly, but that didn't stop Atom from going in!

Timmy doesn't mind the cold water either. Atom adores his Uncle Timmy.

I am going home tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing Brett and getting back into regular routines. It's so wonderful to have had this time in the warmth of Florida with my family. I am already looking forward to coming back to visit in April with Brett.

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