Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 15

Week 15 belly picture!

The babies are now each about 4 inches long and weigh roughly 2 1/2 ounces! They are each the size of an orange.

This week flew by, but in a good way. We have had such warm, sunny days, the kind where you leave your heavy coat at home when you go out in the world. It's days like these that I am reminded that winter won't last forever. I'm getting excited about spring! My trip to Florida last week made me very eager to start a garden. I want to have fresh broccoli, too!

Well, warm, sunny days, except today. It's been snowing all morning.

Brett had this whole week off from work at Hartsbrook, because of February vacation, and it's been lovely to have so much time to spend together. I think we did a good job of getting things accomplished while also relaxing together and not doing much of anything.

One of our first baby purchases for 69 cents at the thrift store. This was one of Jenny's favorite books when she was little.

I have felt mostly good this week, as far as the pregnancy is concerned. I am less tired these days, though still not sleeping particularly well. I am unable to stay comfortable at night for long periods of time, plus I get up every few hours to use the bathroom. My nose is still congested and I still have a cough, especially in the mornings. I've also had a couple of headaches.

I am proud of myself for going swimming at the Y with Selena this week! It felt great and I want to make an effort to do that more. We also sat in the steam room for a short time, which was pleasantly warm and steamy.


  1. Do you think a body pillow might help with the sleeping?

  2. It might. I've tried using a regular pillow and that helps a little. Mostly though, I think I need to somehow get myself back in a pattern of just not waking up so often.

  3. i'm so glad to see another post. i checked it a couple days ago and nothing new. now today, just after i got off the phone with you inspired to put together the review, i finally got around to reading your monthly entry with the link to the blog and decided to clink on the link to check it out. happy-happy!! new pictures to look at! new news to read!