Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 23

There are lots of pictures this week! Brett and I have been in Florida since last Wednesday. We have been swimming, playing with Atom, picking blueberries, and spending lots of time napping, eating and relaxing with family.

Looking down at my belly: It's getting really big. Each of the babies should weigh about a pound now!

So many berries to pick!

I found you!

Atom learned quickly to just pick the blue ones. They taste better.

My feet have been a little swollen and hurting, probably because it's so hot here. I hope it's not a sign of what's to come this summer. I've been trying to keep my feet up when I can and go for walks when I am feeling good.

Swimming is one of Atom's very favorite things to do!

I like it too.

Atom bounces on the trampoline with Uncle Brett.

Can you find the Screech Owl in the Bottle Brush tree?

Group picture! Yesterday, we met Toby and his girlfriend Sabrina for dinner near his school. It's finals week for him coming up, so he hasn't had time to come visit. It was fun to have everyone together, even if only for a few hours.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 22

Time for comparison pictures!

22 weeks on the left, and 4 weeks on the right. Also fun photos for playing the "Guess how many differences you can find!" game.

It's been an emotional week for me. I haven't gotten enough sleep and I haven't eaten enough, both of which I'm sure have contributed to my weepy state. I have just been feeling overwhelmed with life in general. Brett had a really busy week with work and it was hard for me to see him so busy when I could hardly get myself motivated to work on a fun project like setting up the room for the babies. In the end, I did manage to start on that, which felt good.

But, now the week is over, Brett is on vacation and I am feeling better today. Also, I'm excited to see my family on Wednesday! The babies continue to kick me every day. I think they especially like when I eat oranges.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 21

On Friday, I finished the 21st week. The most exciting development was being able to feel the babies kick (from the outside) for the first time! I have been feeling them flip and move around for a while, but this week they really started kicking me. I was so excited for Brett to be able to feel them!

Week 21 belly picture!

We received a wonderful present in the mail this week from Katie and Dave. A Snoogle pillow!

It's VERY comfortable. I have mostly used it for naps during the day so far, but it's nice at night, too. I love how soft and cozy it feels to snuggle up with. It's also useful to prop myself up if I'm reading, or using the computer. Thanks so much Dave and Katie!!

(Brett also finds it very comfortable.)

On Sunday, while Brett was away at a Scrabble tournament, I went to a parents of multiples group meeting, at Cradle in Northampton. The group meets once a month and is for parents who are expecting twins (or more!), or parents who already have young twins.

Everyone at the group was SO nice, were happy to answer questions and talk about their birth and pregnancy experience. I wasn't the only other expecting mama at the meeting. Benita and her husband Sam, who are also pregnant with their first children, were there too! Benita is due the same week in August as I am! Just like us, they were very surprised to find out that they were expecting twins. Unlike us, they are having two boys.

I am so glad that I went to the meeting. I think that it's going to be a great resource for us as we continue through the rest of the pregnancy, as well as after the babies are born.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I get a kick out of you!

(Written by Brett)

Last night, for the first time, I felt the girls kicking! We were getting ready for bed, and Jenny told me to put my hand on her belly. Right away, there came one of the biggest kicks Jenny has ever felt from inside! It was unmistakable, and several more kicks followed within seconds. I'm really excited that I can now have a more direct connection with the girls. I know that I'll have years and years of connection after they are born and that the momma gets to (has to) carry them around for nine months, but I've been eager to share a more intimate knowledge of the girls.

I feel so lucky that Jenny and I look at life in such similar ways, and that we get along so well. I was away for the weekend, and while I was gone (to a Scrabble tournament in eastern Massachusetts) we both struggled to keep an even keel without the other partner around. So, when I came home Sunday evening, we were both relieved to be back in our normal routines and comforted by each other's presence.

When we rode across the country last summer, we had to work through so many things *together*. That really did solidify our relationship in some ways, and we are so glad that we took that whole summer to complete our dream adventure. Having done that together, we fight or have hard times significantly less often, and we are ready to move to a new adventure in our life, even if this new adventure is a bit intimidating at times.

Monday, April 4, 2011

20 week ultrasound pictures!

Today we had our 20 week ultrasound appointment. The babies now weigh a whopping 13 ounces each! Their hearts were both still strong at 150 and 153 beats per minute, and baby B had the hiccups! Everything else looked good and it was fun to see the babies make more intentional movements, plus a few 3D images. Everything looked so good that it wasn't even necessary for the doctor to come in and check over everything after the ultrasound technician was finished.

Also, they are both still girls!

Profile views.

3D images!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 20

Happy April! We had an introductory meeting early this morning with the Midwifery Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. When we woke up it was snowing! I hadn't slept very well last night, so Brett very sweetly brought me breakfast in bed. It was still snowing as we drove to our appointment, but shortly after we came home it had stopped. We got about an inch.

We woke up this morning to SNOW!

I'm glad we went to the meeting. The Midwifery Center doesn't feel at all like a hospital. The practice is in a beautiful old Victorian house (right next to the hospital) and is decorated inside in such a way that makes the space feel much more like a cozy home than a medical practice.

We met with Annie Heath, one of the four midwives in the practice. She was able to answer our questions and was very nice. She is a parent of twins herself, two 15-year-old boys!

Our feeling from the meeting was positive and as we discussed our options more after we got home, we realized that it really comes down to who we would feel most comfortable with if the birth DOESN'T progress smoothly. If things go smoothly (both babies are in the head first presentation, and I am able to handle the birth well without intervention) either Hampshire OB or the Midwifery Center would be fine.

I am pretty sure that I would feel more comfortable with the Midwifery Center if complications arise, because I think that the midwifes, rather than the doctors, would be more likely to thoroughly present the options available to me without pressure.

For now, we're going to continue with our next appointment with Hampshire OB (April 11th), and ask them some more questions when we meet the next doctor there. After that, we'll probably try to make a decision on whether to switch or not.

20 weeks! Half way!

Coming up on Monday, we have another detailed ultrasound at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. Kathy is planning to come with us again, because she enjoyed the last one. We're not sure how much we'll learn from it, because it'll be the same as the last one except the twins are now a month older/larger. It's fun to "see" them, though, and have confirmation that they are still healthy.