Friday, May 27, 2011

A glimpse.

While I was at the bike shop today picking up a part for Brett, I met a family with twins! They had a boy and a girl, about 5 years old. It was nice to chat with the parents and fun to watch the kids while I waited. They were picking out bikes and were VERY excited. The parents asked me lots of questions and assured me that twins were a blast. And that the first three months are tough. But, it gets easier.

The mom said that she measured 54 weeks (!!) by the time her twins were born and that they each weighted almost 7 lbs! Wow. That was all I could think to say. Wow. They were both breach and so she had them via c-section, which she said worked out well for her.

Gosh. Am I ready for this?

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  1. I think this is probably one of those things that no parent-to-be is ever quite ready for... but you and Brett will be wonderful parents, and you have a lovely community of love and support around you to help out when you need it. I know Dave & I are far away and not all that useful for practical 'helping out', but we're always happy to read or listen and send positive thoughts your way. We'll be good at telling you how adorable your girls are too! I think you four are going to have a ton of fun :)