Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 26

This was a busy week with lots to report.

On Monday, we met with Dr. Kueny at the midwifery center. He is the main doctor with the midwife practice we are considering switching to and so we wanted to meet him before we made our decision. After spending about half an hour asking lots of questions, we both came away from the meeting with a very good feeling about him. He understands that it is very important to explain things and make sure that we know what choices are available to us, and why he (or any of the midwives) would recommend something, which we both really appreciate. Plus, he is a father of twin girls!

On Tuesday, I did the GD (gestational diabetes) test at Hampshire OB. The whole thing was fairly painless. I went in when the office opened in the morning and had my blood taken. I wasn't allowed to eat anything that morning before the first blood draw, which was difficult for me because I woke up VERY hungry at 5:30 a.m. Also, there was leftover quiche in the refrigerator and I really wanted it. By the time they had taken my blood, it was 9:00 a.m. I had the bagel with jelly and glass of orange juice I was supposed to eat with me, so as soon as I was in the car I got to eat. Even though I was so hungry, I don't usually eat sweet bagels and orange juice for breakfast and I had a hard time finishing it all. By the time I got to the second half of the bagel, I was making up games to help myself keep eating. How many bites would it take for me to finish it? Could I do it in 5? Could I finish the whole thing in the next 3 minutes? Would anyone but me know if I didn't finish it all? There were some birds just outside the car who looked hungry...

Eventually, I did eat the whole thing and I finished the juice. I felt very proud of myself. I spend the next two hours trying not to think about food. At 11:00 a.m. I had my blood drawn again. Then I went home and ate some quiche. It was delicious.

That evening, Brett and I went to our first childbirth education class at the hospital. The class is a four-week series and we were one of about 10 other couples. Almost everyone will be first time parents, but we were the only ones expecting twins. A lot of what was covered in the class I already knew, but I did enjoy parts of it. I enjoyed seeing all the other pregnant mama bellies. I felt huge in comparison to some, even a few who are due next month!

By the end of the class all I could think about was eating dinner. Next week we will bring some food with us.

On Wednesday we spent a lot of time finishing up the rearranging projects in the house that we started over the weekend when we had the tag sale. Our tag sale on Saturday was a huge success! We cleared out a whole bunch of stuff from the basement, garage and house. Many of the big items sold, it felt great to de-clutter, plus, we made money! Kathy came down for the day and brought food for lunch. She was a big help and good company during the tag sale, and she also took this great picture of Brett and me.

Our family.

Our neighbors across the street also put some things out for sale on Saturday and by the end of the day the bookshelf I had been eying hadn't sold. They gave it to us for free and I think it will made a great shelf for baby stuff. Another fun gift came from one of Brett's coworkers. Gretchen called Brett up and asked if we would like a bunch of cloth diapers and a few small clothing items! The next day, she dropped them off on our front porch. It's so nice when people are so giving. We look forward to passing things along when it's our turn.

I also called and got my GD test results Wednesday morning. I passed! Here are my numbers:

90 - blood sugar, in the morning after fasting all night
133 - blood sugar, two hours after I'd eaten
5.4 - hemoglobin A1C
12.2 - CBC

Actually, the most stressful and annoying part of the whole GD test process was when I called to get my results. The nurse who called me back was very rude to me and was not willing to explain what anything meant.
All she kept saying was, "Your levels are normal."
"Great, and could you tell me what that means?" I asked.
"Your level is 133, and that's normal."

It went on like that for the whole conversation. Finally, I just thanked her, said goodbye and hung up. Then I cried on Brett's shoulder for a good 2 minutes. I think I am just overly emotional right now, but I hate it when people are rude to me and won't explain things. After the conversation, I spent some time on-line and found out most of what I wanted to know. For example, what a normal range is, how that compares to my numbers and how important those things are. I seem pretty healthy, and I'm not anemic, so yay!

Thursday afternoon I got together with Benita, another expecting mama of twins who are due just a couple days after ours! She and her husband Sam live in the co-housing community just a few miles down the road from us. I went over there and we took a walk through the woods on the bike path.

Unfortunately, for the majority of the visit with Benita, the right side of my belly was very uncomfortable, which made it very hard to relax. It was a feeling of intense pressure, and it made me worried that something was wrong. It lasted a couple of hours, and then it finally let up, almost all at once. Maybe one of the girls was pressing on something inside me? I'm not sure, but I really didn't like it.

On Friday I turned in the paperwork to switch our care over to the Midwifery Center! We feel really good about the switch, especially after how I was treated on the phone trying to get my test results explained to me after the GD test. I'm looking forward to our next appointment/ultrasound on the 25th of this month. The next day we'll have our first "official" appointment with the Midwifery Center.

26 week belly! It's lilac time! This month just May be my favorite time of year.


  1. What a beautiful picture of you, Jenny!
    Lilacs will always make me think of your wedding. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Good for you guys for advocating for yourself! We were in a similar position, and we considered switching and we kept thinking "well we haven't met all the doctors, maybe we'll like the next one better..." and it never happened and I delivered early! I think you'll love the Midwifery Center - a few friends have delivered there and loved it. Connecting with other pregnant mamas is a really good thing too - they will become a great resource in the final weeks and months after the girls are born. I don't know what I'd do without the girls I met while pregnant and who we still keep in touch with every day! I would recommend joining an online community too - it's a great resource for middle of the night questions when you're not sure what is going on with the baby (babies) and you need answers. Someone is ALWAYS on, and sometimes answers from moms who have been there done that are more helpful than a doctor's answer :) I'm sure there's a twin's group online somewhere!

  3. Darleen, I joined an online community on the website a few weeks ago - it's been great! It's a DDC forum for August, so everyone on there is at a similar point in their pregnancy as I am. There is even one other mama expecting twins on there. I've really been enjoying it. It's reassuring to hear others ask the same questions, or have the same worries that I have. There is also a twins group that meets monthly at Cradle, which I have gone to once. Everyone was very nice. I think that will be even more important/helpful once the babies are born!