Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 29

Self-portrait at 29 weeks.

How far along:
29 Weeks. Only 11 weeks to go!
Total weight gain: +26 pounds. I feel like this is a really good amount so far. The babies are getting nice and big and should each weigh almost 3 pounds now. From everything I've read/heard, it seems like I ought to be gaining close to a pound a week from now on. So, if we make it all the way to term, that will be another 11 or so pounds. I would be happy to keep my weight gain under 40 pounds total.
Maternity clothes: I have gotten all my clothes at thrift stores and am still able to wear a couple of the shirts I had before I was pregnant. I have one pair of Jeans that are comfortable and three shorter pairs of pants. There are a few dresses that fit me still and three long sleeve shirts, a couple tee-shirts and two tank tops that are all comfortable. My sandals are the only shoes that I can really wear now, because everything else is too tight.
Best moments this week: Digging up two wild lilies from the side of the road and planting them in our garden. Picking up and eating our first farm share of the season. And, making progress on baby names!
Movement: They are still moving like crazy. I'm pretty sure they are both in the same positions they were in at our last ultrasound, with their heads down and bodies curved around. They don't so much kick anymore as move intentionally and push at my belly. Often it feels like they are just shifting around and must be trying to get comfortable.
Food cravings: Cheese. Smoothies. Potatoes. I actually really wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other day. I was surprised because since the beginning I haven't been able to stand the smell of peanut butter. The sandwich was pretty good.
Labor Signs: Nothing yet. Not even any Braxton-Hicks contractions, as far as I can tell.
Belly Button in or out: Flat. If I had to pick, I would say it's more out than in.
What I miss: Working in the garden easily for long periods of time. Bending down to pick up things. Running. Riding on the tandem with Brett. Waking up in the morning and not feeling achy. Sleeping on my belly!
What I am looking forward to: The birth and meeting the twins! Watching Brett hold them. Being able to move around easily.
Worries: That the twins will flip into a posterior position and I won't get a chance to have a vaginal birth.
Milestones: 32 weeks is our next milestone. That's only 3 weeks away! If we make it to 32 weeks, the babies should be fine. They would be in the NICU for a while, but still fine. Lots of twins are born at 32 weeks.
Realizations of the week: It's JUNE! June is very close to August. I also realized recently that I have been pregnant for more than half a year.


  1. great posting! loved your choice of categories and responses. looking forward to seeing you on the 17th!

  2. You are so big! :) I'm so excited for you. I'm also 99% done with sweater A and have done the sleeves for sweater B. I would love to visit at some point before they are born and would really like to try for something within the next month. Email me and let me know if there are any days/weekends/times that are good or bad for you and Brett. Much love.