Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week 30

30 weeks! Today is a rainy Saturday. Our garden is very happy.

This was Brett's last week at the Hartsbrook School, as well as our final childbirth education class at the hospital. It felt like a hectic week, but we made it through and had some fun times mixed in with all the busyness. We are both looking forward to a (hopefully!) more relaxing next few months before the twins are born. I am envisioning many days spent swimming, eating/picking fruit and taking naps.

Pretty pink lupine blooming in the back yard.

I am still feeling good except for having a hard time bending down. Often I don't even try anymore because it's just too much work. I've gotten better at asking Brett to pick things up for me. He doesn't seem to mind, so I'm trying not to feel bad about asking for help. I am in the home stretch here with less than 2.5 months to go! I'm sure it will be over before I know it, so I'm doing my best to enjoy this time.

I picked strawberries! I felt a little funny crawling on my hands and knees between the rows of berries to pick them, but it worked!

Brett received so many baby gifts from parents and kids on the last day of school. See those adorable blue hats? Those were knitted by a 5th grader.

We are both glad that we took the childbirth education class. I don't feel like I got a whole lot out of it, but there were are few pieces of information that I took away with me and it was fun to be in a group of other first-time parents to be. What I am really looking forward to now is our first group meeting (with others due around the same time as me) at the Midwifery center on the 15th. Also, Mama is coming to visit next weekend!!!


  1. you're gorgeous! I love that dress on you!

  2. That dress is so pretty on you Jenny!

  3. Good luck Jenny! you are looking great! you might want to check out this blog, some friends back in Oly helped start it.