Sunday, August 28, 2011

A poem from your Uncle Harold and Aunt Heidi

Dear Jenny and Brett and the two,
Remember whatever you do,
To sleep every time
You listen to rhyme.
That's why we are writing to you.

There was a wee bairn known as Ella,
Who sometimes would cry a cappella.
Her mum and her dad
Were ever so glad
When instead she would dance tarantella.

Her sister, I'm told, is called Maya,
And she has a burning desire.
You'd find it a whim,
But she wants to swim
The river Atchafalaya.

"Oh why do you bawl, little Lilac?"
Now listen and hear her reply, "Lach-
rymose I am not,
But I'm only a tot.
No wonder that self-control I lack!"

The girl who is also named Lily
Must think it a little bit silly:
Her aunt has a hunch
That she'll eat a good lunch
In clothes that are really quite frilly.

Now this is the end of our rant:
To versify further we can't.
We hope you're asleep,
Peaceful and deep.
Much love from your uncle and aunt.


  1. We absolutely love this limerick! What genius! Thank you, from all of us. -Brett