Friday, September 16, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 5

5 weeks old!

This week flew by, much like the last. It was a week without many visitors, but we did make several significant outings, so it felt pretty busy. On the 9th, we decided that since we had to do some work to our house in Springfield, we would make it a family outing. All four of us drove the half-hour to Springfield and we took the girls up into the 2nd floor apartment, where Brett cut further into the ceiling, looking for the source of a leak we were trying to diagnose. There were a few moments when it was stressful to have Maya and Ella along, but it was better than one of us staying home alone and the other going alone. We found the source of the leak and made it home without too much drama.

Maya watches her Dad work on the ceiling.

Our work outing was balanced by a relaxing visit to the Northampton area multiples group on Sunday. We met approximately ten other families with multiples at the Northampton Montessori School playground, which was fabulous other than a few pesky mosquitoes. A few minutes after we arrived, our friends Benita, Sam, Avery and Jonah showed up! We had fun sharing stories, milestones, and questions, both with them, as well as new folks we met. Lana, the woman who runs the laid-back group, does an amazing job, and Becky, who lent us the breastfeeding pillow we have been using, was also fun to chat with.

It was great to see Benita and Sam + babies!

Jonah, Ella, Avery and Maya have their first sleepy play date at the park.

We weren't through with our outings yet, though! On Monday, we made two more excursions. First, we tried out Tummy Time at Northampton's Forbes Library in the middle of the day. We saw our friend Amy there, with her baby Annika, as well as another mother we had met in a workshop back in the Spring. The babies were mostly older (3-5 months), but it was interesting to see different carriers people were using and hear different ideas and tidbits of information. For us, perhaps the most exciting thing was that Maya pooped in the sink at the library when Brett took her to change her diaper! (We plan to write a whole post on the Elimination Communication we've been playing with. Maybe this weekend.) This marked the first time we'd tried it outside our home, and it was nice to see it still worked.

Our first grocery shopping trip with the girls! Now, where do we put all the food? (We thought we were pretty smart and each pushed a cart.)

When we got back home, after trying unsuccessfully to find a book on EC (Diaper Free Baby) in any of the stores or libraries in town, we were exhausted, so we rested up for our evening trip to the Cooley Dickinson Center for Midwifery where we went to listen to Michele L'Esperance speak about sleep patterns. She is amazing. She speaks so well, makes her audience/group feel comfortable asking questions, and imparts loads of information from years of experience. This evening, she spoke about both sleep for babies and also sleep for parents of babies. We learned several things (including the likely cause for much of SIDS), and also felt that we are on the right track because lots of things we are doing are pretty close to what she was suggesting.

Our sleep record is up to 4 hours in a row! This happened once, from about 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. Monday night. I hope it happens again sometime soon, because it was really nice. This week the girls seem to be less sleepy, or rather, less willing, to take naps in the day. This has been draining on us and we're not sure what to do to help them sleep for longer stretches in the day time. Reasoning with them hasn't seemed to work. It would probably be fine if they were up so long in the days if they were sleeping correspondingly long stretches in the nights.

So sweet and snuggly sleeping next to each other.

The girls are big enough now to fit into their squirmy-purple-octopus-onesies!

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  1. Oh that's so exciting! I'm really interested in EC and have done a little learnin' about it as well. Who knew we would ever get excited about anything/one pooping in the sink. :D :hugs: