Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 9

9 weeks old!

It's 4:00 in the morning. Maya is awake. I'm awake. Brett and Ella are asleep - for the moment. The days have all been blending together... I think I need more sleep. Last week was one of our best weeks for sleep. The past few days, not so much. I'm not sure what happened. We were consistently getting a 5 hour stretch from about 8:00-1:00 a.m., followed by an hour awake, then another 3 hours of sleep! It was pretty sweet. Sometimes we would get up and start our day at 5:00 in the morning, but mostly we tried to get the girls to go back to sleep for another hour, which only worked some of the time. Hopefully we are just having an off couple of days and will get back to the good sleep soon.

We have been using pacifiers quite a bit recently. The girls really seem to enjoy them and it gives us a break.

We spent a bunch of time outside this week, going for walks and cleaning up the gardens. The girls enjoyed being carried around in the Moby Wraps. The weather has been perfect for being outside, especially if you have a warm, cuddly baby wrapped to your chest!

We tried to get outside as much as we had energy for this week.

Selena and I went for a walk together up to the center of Florence and back. We stopped at Cafe Evolution for some treats along the way.

Grocery shopping with babies works well when we each carry one. It still takes a long time to get through the store because we get stopped every 2 minutes with comments about how cute we all are and questions about the twins.

Brett turned the compost pile while the girls slept and I did some weeding in the garden.

Big smiles for Daddy!

Nose kisses.

A contented Maya.

Our babies love to be naked. We try to spend a few hours a day with them playing on the floor. We usually let them be without diapers at the same time. They love to practice pushing up on their hands and trying to roll.

One interesting outing this week was to Scrabble Club on Monday. We decided to try something different, so we drove to Club, put the girls in Moby wraps, and each got to play a few games of Scrabble while they (mostly) slept. It worked out quite well! I didn't win my games, but had fun and played well with the handicap of a baby on my chest. Brett won all 3 of his games.

Along with our outings and walks, this week saw Brett going to Springfield quite a bit, and me watching Ella and Maya at home. It's tiring, but not as overwhelming as it used to be to watch both girls on my own. I have learned to relax more about who gets my attention when they both want it at the same time. The Springfield house has been frustrating us lately, with a leaky shower and an irresponsible handyman. It will be such a relief when that problem is finally fixed!

On Thursday, after Brett had been to Springfield, Evan and Merry brought dinner down from upstairs, and we shared a delicious meal topped off with pumpkin pie that I had made and a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe! It was so amazing to be able to play a game, even though we were really tired and it was interrupted many times because the girls had a hard time getting to sleep.

Sunday was the monthly Parents of Multiples group meeting. It was a nice day to be outside and we met up with everyone at the Montessori school playground. It's so wonderful to get together with other parents of twins to share experiences. Can you find Maya and Ella in this picture?


  1. they're the ladies in the leggings, of course!

  2. I always like the side-by-side opening pictures. When looking tonight, I got a flash-ahead image of the girls at 13 years old, lying side by side on a blanket, sunning in their bikinis, rolling their eyes while a parent takes a picture for the blog. Or maybe without their bikinis!