Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 14

14 weeks old!

A big accomplishment for both girls this week was figuring out that their hands belong to them and that they are TASTY. They are in love with sucking on their hands. They haven't gotten the thumb all by itself yet, but they really love trying to fit their whole fist(s) inside their mouth. This occupies most of their wakeful hours.

Maya, exploring her hands.

Naps have gone so much better this week! I bought the girls this pink seahorse (which we have affectionately nicknamed "the worm") that plays music. When they seem tired, we've started swaddling them, giving them their pacifiers and turning on the seahorse before we tuck them in for a nap. They are usually asleep in minutes. It's amazing.

In this picture, Ella was "talking" to her new friend before her nap.

We had a few visitors this week. On Saturday, Hannah came down for a short visit, and to pick up a sink for their house. Later that afternoon, Brett's aunt and uncle, Karen and Randy, stopped by to visit and meet the babies.

Karen holds Maya, who is showing off her pretty new hat from her great-aunt. Ella got a matching hat.

Tuesday morning, Selena came over and helped play with the babies while Brett was working. They napped really well and I got to take a walk and a long shower while they slept and Selena stayed with them. In the afternoon, Kathy came down and spent a couple hours with the girls so we could get some packing done for our trip to Florida. She also washed all of our dishes!

Kisses from Selena!

Ella, telling her grandma a story.

We also got to do some visiting ourselves this week, with a nice afternoon spent at Benita and Sam's house. Their twin boys, Avery and Jonah, are the same age as Maya and Ella and we had a great time talking with Benita and Sam, and playing with all the babies!

Three out of four...

...Ella didn't want her picture taken at that moment. She just wanted to be held and stand up (her new favorite activity, other than sucking on her hands).

We tried again to get a group picture, but everyone was over tired.

We ended this week with a flight to Florida very early Wednesday morning. We didn't get much sleep the night leading up to our trip, but the girls slept in the Moby's the for the whole three hour flight! We were so happy to spend the week with my family in the warm weather. More about our vacation in the next post! Until then, here are a few more pictures from the week:

Brett and Ella read the mail.

Some sweet one-on-one time nursing Maya.

Maya finally fits this onesie that I bought before they were born.

Big smile!

And another big smile!

Our two amazing daughters.

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