Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 15

15 weeks old!

This week, the twins added two more states to their visited list when we traveled to Florida, via Connecticut, to see my family! Our flight from Hartford was very early in the morning on Wednesday and none of us got much sleep that night. We left the house at 4 a.m., parked the car at the airport, went through security and were in the air by 6:45 a.m. Both girls slept in the Moby wraps pretty much the entire three-hour flight!

We were proud of our ability to travel so light: two carry-on bags each, and two babies!

The week spent in the warmth of Florida was a treat. We didn't have to dress the babies in warm clothes, we got to go swimming, plus we enjoyed eating lots of fresh oranges and time spent with family.

No need to turn on the heat this week! We enjoyed warm days and pleasantly cool evenings all week long.

Looking across the lake from the beach.

Baby blue eyes.

Brett thinks that Ella's eyes are going to change from blue to some other color, but that Maya's will stay blue.

Ella's first swim!

Maya's first swim!

All four of us.

Maya and Ella's cousin Atom shows the girls how it's done! Atom is two and a half years old and he LOVES to swim. He's like a little fish in the water.

Papa with both grandbabies.

A walk around the lake.

Toby and his girlfriend Sabrina, playing with the girls.

We went to the Winter Garden farmer's market. While we were there, we ran into another set of twins with their parents. It was fun to chat with them about all things twin.

Maya and I enjoy a ride in the rowboat. Mama did the rowing and took the pictures.

Maya in the sun.

Ella balancing on Papa's hands!

We had a couple good nights for sleep while we were in Florida and a couple not so good nights. We experimented with leaving the girls unswaddled at night a few times. Sometimes it worked and they were able to sleep without waking themselves and sometimes it didn't. We haven't noticed much of a pattern for what helps them sleep better. It seems random when we have a good night.

Amber, Atom and Scott + Brett, Ella, Jenny and Maya.

The whole family together.

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