Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 67 (11/14-11/20)

67 weeks old!

There aren't a ton of pictures this week. I had a cold and therefore didn't take a lot of photos. I was mostly better by the end of the week, but by Saturday, Maya and Ella were feeling sick. Fortunately they got over it within a few days and Brett never caught it.

A pretty shot from a walk early in the week, before I felt sick.

Moon + geese + late afternoon sky.

On Friday, Maya and Ella had their 15 month doctor's appointment. They got two new books to take home, and Maya is now around the 50th percentile for weight while Ella jumped up a tiny bit to above the 35th percentile. We didn't do the shots because they both seemed under the weather. The next day, Maya was definitely sick, so I'm glad we held off on the vaccinations. 

A ride in the rocking car while we wait to be seen at the doctor's office.

Maya learned how to make the sound for a horse this week and she can also tell you what an elephant says -- complete with arm gesture! Recently, both girls have been babbling a lot more and they really watch when we say words. Sometimes they try to imitate us when we talk, but it doesn't usually sound like the word they were intending to say. They seem very shy/embarrassed about speaking or trying to pronounce words they don't already know how to say, but I can tell that they also really want to be able to do it.

Another thing that has become more pronounced is the girls' copying of each other and us. If Maya is having some water to drink, Ella must have some too. Ella has shoes on? Maya NEEDS to wear her shoes! Ella says 'up', Maya says 'up'. Mama's wearing a jacket with a zipper? Ella and Maya go get their jackets with zippers. 

Putting away clean laundry takes a lot longer now that we have twins. And it's not only because we have a lot more laundry!

On Friday evening, Brett and I went out for a short time to check out Guy's art, which was on display, along with other artists' work at the Knack Holiday Pop Up store in the new Signature Sounds building in town. Selena was so nice and stayed with Maya and Ella (who were asleep, but woke up once while we were out) so that we could go.

Guy poses next to some of his beautiful earring trees at the art opening.

Because of being sick and the girls waking at night not feeling well, we did some night-time nursing this week for the first time in a while. Nights have been tough and It's hard to get back on track with sleeping through the night now that they are used to nursing again. 

On a more positive note, Maya and Ella have been playing really nicely together on their own more often. I've noticed this especially when they are in the bath.  Often, Brett or I will just sit in the bathroom and read while the girls happily babble, splash, and play in the water together for a long time. The cutest moments are when I look up and notice that one of the girls is gently washing the other's back with a cloth, or trying to comb her hair.

While I was resting one day, Brett took the girls on a stroller walk. These big dump trucks are parked near the Crimson and Clover farm. Sadly, the girls were zoned out in the stroller and didn't seem at all interested, despite their current intense interest in books about trucks.

Here are two cute videos of Brett with the girls.

Apple sauce is yummy.

Peek-a-boo is funny.

Baybay & Baybee: Week 66 (11/7-11/13)

66 weeks old!

Maya learned how to shake her head "no" this week. She was so excited to be able to express herself in this new way that she overused it a bit. Pretty much every question we asked her resulted in vigorous head-shaking--whether or not it was something she really wanted to say "no" to. This made for a pretty humorous week and a lot of quick 'changes of mind' for Maya. "Do you want some water, Maya?"  Result: shakes her head, and then proceeds to grab for the water.

As always, there was a lot of playing with toys this week. The boat is still a favorite, as are the stacking boxes.

Two smiles and one blank stare. Pretty good percentage, I think.

Bath time shenanigans -- dumping water and drinking from the potty.

Maya and Ella are becoming more skilled at climbing on and off things every day. It's incredible how quickly they get better with practice. This trampoline has been great for them to play on and useful for working on climbing without much height to fall from. 

It really hasn't been very cold, so we've enjoyed our time outside lately. We went for a few walks (some with the stroller and some without), explored in the yard, and one day Maya helped Dada plant garlic for next year!

Holding hands.

Hats and boots for everyone!

My lovely family.

Off for a quick walk before dinner.

The rows are dug -- ready to plant garlic!

Maya took her job very seriously.

So helpful!

Another day, both girls helped me clean up more of the front yard.

Stroller ride with snacks.

Maya and Dada.

We had a bunch of carpentry work done on the outside of the house over the weekend. The roof above the back stairway was rotting in places, along with a few other wood spots around the house. Everything got repaired and next week we will be hiring someone to finish the scraping/painting on the trim work outside the house! This is a project that is long overdue and we are very excited to finally be making progress. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding who will do the work and when. It's such a relief to have that part completed. I can't wait until it's all finished!

Ella cuteness.

Maya cuteness + lots of teeth!

This bus has been a popular toy this week. Both girls are good at putting the people in and popping them back out.



Who climbed up onto the chair all by herself?! Maya!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 65 (10/31-11/6)

In an optimistic attempt to catch up on posts, there will mostly be pictures and less write-up than usual this week. We were in Florida from Tuesday evening until Monday afternoon. It was a great visit with everyone and we (as always) enjoyed the beautiful property and watching Maya and Ella spend time with their grandparents. 

A somewhat chilly first morning in Florida. Maya and Ella LOVED the trampoline. 

Walking on the new path down to the lake with Grandma to check out the sand for the first time.

No so sure...

"You mean I have to walk on that stuff to get to the water?"

Fun with Grandma.

Ella and Maya's sleeping arrangements while we were in Florida were very similar to at home. They both slept well most nights and napped great. The only problem was that they picked up the habit of throwing things out of their beds and then wanting them back before they would fall asleep. That made for some longer than usual putting-them-down-for-a-nap times. 

 This toy car was a huge hit.

So was this toy slide, though it was hard to share when someone always wants to climb up the slide instead of the steps.

Ella sits on the red potty. We were so impressed with the girls' use of the potty while we were on vacation. They weren't in diapers very much and we only had two pees on the floor (and both times just a tiny bit and then the rest in the potty) the entire week. There was always a potty around while they were playing and a few times I watched the girls walk over, sit down, and pee/poop without any prompting! 

Ella bouncing with Grandma.

Grandma sings the song, "Pony Boy" to Ella. Ella signs, "more".


We did a lot of eating.

And Maya and Ella nursed A LOT. They usually still nurse a bunch throughout the day, but while we were in Florida it seemed like they took their nursing to new levels. Especially Maya. She just wanted to nurse whenever she saw me. I still enjoy nursing my babies, but boy, by the time we got home, I was ready for a break.

We didn't get to see Amber and her family until later in the week, because we were too tired to make it over to her house on Halloween.  On Friday, we met up for a short visit at the splash park in Winter Garden. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed playing in the water. Maya and Ella were nervous about the fountains in the splash park at first, but they eventually got braver and gave it a try.

Atom and Ella playing together.

Trillian, enjoying her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Smiling at Dada.


I enjoyed taking walks around the property with my camera and snapping photos. So many beautiful plants to take pictures of and so nice to have a break by myself to just take a walk.

Baby papayas.

Figs ripening on the tree.

Cucumber vine.

Pretty orange flowers.

Big carp in the water.

A pretty view of the lake between the bamboo.

Mama and Papa.

Timmy and Malory.

Mama and Papa out for an evening row.

Ella, Maya and Trillian all sitting on Grandma's lap.

Atom gives Ella a hug. He was so sweet with the girls, giving them hugs and kisses and playing gently with them. 

Trillian and Maya hanging out together. They look so similar!

All of us together on the steps.

Just the kids and babies.

The day after we got home was November 6th. The babies came with us to vote that evening and we all got stickers!