Friday, January 27, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 23

23 weeks old!

This was a big week for Maya and Ella: First taste of solid food! We started out with avocado and they both loved eating it! A few days later they had some banana. That was a hit as well. Maya swallowed most of her food both times and Ella mostly licked and sucked at hers, while franticly grabbing at the spoon. We all had fun, but decided after the banana to wait a couple more weeks before continuing with solids regularly. I think sweet potato will be next!

First tastes of food! Mmm!

On Tuesday we got some snow! It wasn't a lot, just a couple of inches, but I was happy to see it stick to the ground. I was beginning to think that we weren't going to get any more snow for the rest of the winter. Unfortunately, we forgot to dig up our carrots before it snowed. Brett tried anyway, when I wanted a few for making soup that evening, but the ground was frozen solid because it's been cold. Brett was very disappointed because he had successfully harvested a bunch of our carrots just a week or so earlier.

Maya says, "Mama! I'm all ready to go out to play in the snow!"

Hmm... now just were did we plant the carrots...

A carrot! (That's all he was able to dig up.)

On Saturday, Brett and I had our first evening out without babies since they were born. We went to see Cheryl Wheeler sing at the Iron Horse. Her concerts are always a blast, and we enjoyed dinner during the show with Steech, who also came to see her! It was a very successful first evening out without babies, and we are looking forward to doing it again sometime. Thanks so much to Kathy for staying with Maya and Ella while they (mostly) slept.

Sometimes Ella's touches are so gentle...

...and sometimes...

...they're really not.

We had a couple other outings of note this week, including a trip down to the Springfield house all together to work on a couple projects. We also got some very sweet kale at the farmer's market, and ate some yummy cheesecake at Guy's apartment in celebration of his birthday.

All bundled up! We were able to get a few things accomplished in Springfield, even with the babies along--it just took a little longer. In this picture, I am taking a break from chopping up branches that fell into the backyard, and am about to nurse two hungry girls who were content to sit and watch me work for an impressively long time.

Grandma Kathy holds Ella at the Winter Fare Farmer's Market.

Brett and Ella and the sweet kale! This picture was taken by a photographer from CISA. A little while later, Ella was nibbling at the kale and I wish I had gotten a picture of that - so cute!


  1. This is great, Jenny...I need to make a point to read more of your posts. I'll be up around the middle of February, and I can't wait to meet the girls!

  2. papa wants to remind you that carrots can stay in the ground all winter and be harvested easily if you mulch them heavily beforehand. to harvest you just pull back the mulch and dig up whatever carrots you need.

    we both enjoyed the post and the pictures. as i've said so many times before, your blog is a wonderful way for us faraway folk/family to stay in touch. love what you're doing!

  3. Love the photo of Brett grimacing! And Maya sure loves her avocado! :)

    1. Ella. I meant to say Ella. That is Ella right? Man I need to visit...