Saturday, January 21, 2012

Five months old!

Maya and Ella turned five months old on the 10th of January. Here are little descriptions of what they are busy doing as five-month-olds:

Baybay: Even at this early age, Maya shows signs of having favorite toys: the ones that her sister is playing with. She is quick with her hands and her accuracy is progressing every day. Grabbing at her sister's hair, ears, and anyone's face are current favorites. It has become difficult to drink a glass of water while holding Maya, assuming that you want the water to go in your mouth and not on the floor. Though she has rolled over in both directions (from front to back and back to front) in the past, she hasn't shown much interest in rolling these days. Playing with, and chewing on toys is her main pastime, but she seems to get frustrated after a few minutes if she's not in the best of moods. If she is upset or cranky, a look out the window or time spent on the porch calms her down. Bath time is more about the shower curtain than the water, resulting in most of her time in the tub spent in a valiant attempt to grab, pull at, and eat this fascinating object of desire. Behind those long lashes, Maya's eyes are still blue, and they still sparkle when she smiles.

Baybee: Ella has found the first love of her life: the lion on the exersaucer. Like her sister, she also favors toys that someone else is playing with, but seems to have more tolerance and patience for a snatched-by-her-sister-toy, or an out of reach object. In the mornings, or upon waking from a nap, Ella will often play with her doggy, throwing it up in the air over and over while giggling with glee. Faces are fascinating objects to explore and she lives to grab at Brett's beard and nose. When she is sleepy, her touches are soft and sweet, never grabs, but careful caresses of our faces as she looks into our eyes. Ella's eyes, while still deeply beautiful, are not really blue anymore, but not quite anything else yet either. She doesn't really rock the mohawk anymore, because her hair has grown too long, though it still looks crazy and stands up sometimes, sticking out in any direction. For comfort, she has started playing with her own hair and regularly sucks her thumb or fingers. I have tried to explain that sucking a thumb and nursing at the same time DOESN'T WORK, but she is persistent and during feedings she tries and tries to do both simultaneously.

Both girls LOVE when we sing to them. Their favorite songs are the ABC's (especially with ASL signs to go along), Old Jack, by Bill Staines, The City of New Orleans, by Steve Goodman, and Where Have You Been, by Priscilla Herdman. Maya and Ella still hold hands when we nurse and if I start singing to them, they will stop and look up at me with wide eyes and huge smiles. Food and drink are fascinating and we are all looking forward to adventures with solids in the near future. Both love to sit on the BabyBjorn potty (they can almost balance on there by themselves!) and that's where 90% of poops are done these days. Depending on how much energy we put into it, they can (and often do) go hours in the same dry diaper because they are so good at peeing on the potty!

Here is a fun series of photos from their five month birthday!

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