Monday, February 20, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 27

27 weeks old!

This week didn't start off on the best note, with Brett spending Thursday and Friday feeling sick. It was more of a stomach thing than a head cold, though he did have a small fever at night. Fortunately, Maya, Ella and I didn't get sick and we were able to let Brett get lots of rest while he wasn't feeling well.

Thursday morning scene: Maya keeps Brett company while waiting for her turn to nurse.

The girls and I took a long walk on Friday. It was so warm out! We made a big loop up into the center of Florence, got a treat to eat (for me) at Cooper's, and headed up the bike path towards Look Park. Eventually we came back past the library and home. We were gone a few hours and Brett slept the whole time.

The twins turned six-months-old on the 10th! They seem like such big kids now that they are sitting up so well. Both girls have started reaching up for us when they want to be picked up (I find this so endearing) and this week, Ella has started playing with "mmm" sounds. Maya can schooch her way around (mostly backwards) and is working on getting on her hands and knees. They can both take sips of water from cups now, though often they spit it right out. Sucking on their toes is a current favorite activity. We are so excited to see what changes the next six months will bring.

Good morning! We are six months old today!

Saturday was a long day. We went to Boston, via Greenfield, where we stopped to deliver some food to new parents Spartan and Hannah, and meet Max for the first time. Max Vito was born on January 31st and he is so cute and so little. I have a hard time remembering when Maya and Ella were that small. When I held him, he felt so light in my arms. He also made the cutest stretches and baby yawns. Congratulations, Spartan and Hannah, he is precious.

Spartan holds his two-week-old son, Max.

Sweet baby, sleeping on his Mama.

Ella thinks Spartan should grow a longer beard.

The drive from Greenfield to Boston went smoothly. Maya and Ella slept nearly the whole time, waking shortly before we arrived. We stayed at Alex and Julie's for most of the afternoon. We snacked and talked and played with the babies. We even got to play a game! Our friend Dave was also there, visiting New England from San Diego, and it was good to catch up with him a bit. It was his first time meeting Ella and Maya. Alex and Julie's son Jackson was fun to see, and we definitely thought about the future a bit as we watched him walk around, eat real foods, and interact with the world in completely different ways than our girls can right now. Our drive home in the evening didn't go as well as our drive there. We were all tired and there was some crying and a lot of leaning back over the passengers seat until we finally made it home.

Walks are good for tired babies. Dave and Alex (carrying Jackson) led the way, while Julie and I (carrying Maya) followed along. Brett carried Ella in the Moby wrap and took this picture.

Maya and Ella, happy right after their nap/walk.

On Sunday, we went to the twins group meeting at Cradle. We hadn't seen Avery + Jonah and Evelyn + Olivia in a while, and everyone had grown so much in a month! It was fun to see all the babies play and interact with one another.

A picture of the twins all together.

Someone dumped out all the toys...

Ella sees the one she wants.

Upside down!

Ella and I have fun after nursing.

"Hi, down there!"

Maya discovered that the play mat makes a good chew toy.

We fed the girls some more avocado, and tried out sweet potato this week. They seemed to love the taste of the baked sweet potato and gobbled it up, but Maya spit most of it back out later. I think she might have eaten too much, or too fast. Avocado seems to be their favorite food (out of the few we've tried) and below are a couple pictures of them eating that. We experimented with letting them use their hands and get messy while eating. As fun as it was, next time, we think we'll use bibs and spoons.

Some of the avocado ended up on Maya's face, and hand, and foot, and leg...

Ella says, "Who ate all the food?"

Below are two pictures taken on Valentine's Day.

Getting a taste of love.

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