Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 29

29 weeks old!
(I forgot to take a picture of the twins in their diapers this week, so here is a fully clothed shot.)

The exciting news this week is that Maya has her first tooth coming in! It's her front-bottom-right-middle-tooth. It's pointy and sharp and other than a little extra clinginess, she seems to be handling it well. Ella is still toothless with no sign of anything poking its way through.

Soon there will be teeth showing when she flashes that beautiful smile!

Saturday morning, we visited Brett's parents in Leyden. We had brunch together and played cards while the babies napped. On our way home, we stopped to see Spartan, Hannah and Max.

Brett took this picture of Kathy and me playing with the babies together in Leyden.

At almost a month old, Max already knows how to give the peace sign!

We have been great about taking walks and getting the babies outside most days recently. Now that Maya and Ella are big enough to ride on our backs, our favorite baby carrier is the Ergo. It's a great way to take walks together, go grocery shopping or just wear the babies around the house. The only problem: we only had one Ergo - until this week! We found another on Craigslist in Florida for a good price and arranged for Mama to pick it up and send it to us. We got the package containing the Ergo and a few other fun things on Tuesday and we are loving having two of these carriers!

Ella tries out the new Ergo for the first time.

Family photo.

Brett and Guy took a walk together with the girls.

I feel like I did better than usual at taking time to go out by myself this week. I went to the thrift store a couple times and did some other errands on my own. Even getting out by myself to go grocery shopping is really good for me. I always come home much happier and less stressed.

I got two very cute spoons at the thrift store. The girls have been putting them to good use with all the food they've been eating!

Sunday was cleaning day. Though we straighten up regularly, it had been a while since we really cleaned the house. Now that the babies are starting to move around more, it was time to put some things up higher and mop the floors. This was by no means a thorough "baby proofing", but it was a step in the right direction. We have a long way to go to make our house baby proof!

Lots of toys, but they want to play with the bucket.

It's not always all smiles around here. Ella's new fascination is with her sister's ears. Maya is not pleased.

Maya and Ella spend a lot of time grabbing toys from each other.

I like to think of it as a convoluted way of sharing.

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