Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 31

31 weeks old!

Spring has sprung!

We came back from Florida to snow on the ground (one of the very few times that some snow has stuck around for any amount of time this winter) which promptly melted away as the temperature rose and remained in the high 60's all week. The ground thawed (actually, I'm not sure it was ever completely frozen) the trees started to bud out and the crocuses came up!

The first two flowers to bloom in our yard!

One of the first things we did this week was visit the Bulb Show at Smith College. This happens every March and it's one of my favorite things. Brett, Selena, the babies and I all went together Tuesday afternoon, after Brett was finished working. Kathy came over that morning to visit with us while Brett was out doing his Pedal People route. She played with Maya and Ella for a while and then shoveled the snow off of our driveway while the babies were napping! Thanks, Kathy!

Ella and Grandma Kathy have fun together.

Brett, Maya and the flowers.

Family photo (taken by Selena).

Ella really wanted to grab the flowers. I don't blame her, they were beautiful!

On Friday, Maya and Ella had their well-baby check up and third set of vaccinations. We walked to the office for the appointment in the morning and they slept on the walk home. Brett and I love that we can walk to the babies' appointments; it makes us happy.

So nice of the doctor's office to put such tasty paper on the exam table.

Maya weighed 15.6 pounds!

Ella weighed 14.9 pounds! (She didn't much care for the weighing.)

Both girls felt just miserable later that day from the shots. We gave them some acetaminophen and cuddled up with them in our bed. Everyone but me fell asleep for a couple hours. I made myself some tea and enjoyed the time to myself. I only tip-toed to the bedroom to peek in the door about 57 times to check on everyone. I wasn't worried or anything.

On Saturday the 10th, Maya and Ella celebrated their seven-month birthday! They are both such happy babies and growing so fast! They love to sit and play with toys together, practice rolling and moving onto their hands and knees, chew on books and play peek-a-boo. Their favorite songs right now are, "The Wheels on the Bus" (they love the "beep! beep! beep!") and "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" (they like the sign language that we do along with the song). They know how to drink from a sippy cup, and even from a glass with help, and are both in love with picking up pieces of cooked broccoli and feeding themselves. We are still nursing at night once, sometimes twice, if they wake up very early. Though the girls still wear diapers most of the time, we take our little BabyBjorn potty everywhere, and that is what they mainly use. Bath time is currently all about chewing on the rubber ducky. The water they could take or leave, but give them the rubber ducky and they are delighted.

"Duet a la sunshine".
After watching us play their little piano for weeks, they learned how to press the keys themselves to make music!

Yay! That was a beautiful song!

Lots of walks were taken during the week, because it was so nice outside. Besides our usual daily walk, either with the Ergos or the stroller, Maya and Ella had a few special adventures with friends.

Jim and Guy took the girls for a stroll around Northampton while Brett and I stayed home. They had fun walking around and playing at the library.

Selena and I took a walk together one day while Brett took a nap.

No more snowsuits -- it's finally good weather outside for more stylish attire! These beautiful sweaters were knitted by our friend Ann. Maya and Ella loved the buttons.

The monthly twins group meeting was this Sunday. We were sad that Chris, Kelly, Evelyn and Olivia weren't able to make it, but it was fun to see Benita, Sam, Avery and Jonah.

What's the best toy to play with? Why, a cardboard box, of course! I leave you this week with a bunch of pictures of the twins' first time (and certainly not their last!) playing in boxes:

Look what we found!

"These are great! Thanks, Mama!"

"I like her box better!"

"It's a little crowded in here..."

"...Yay! Lots of room!"

"I can have my box, and eat it too."


  1. Randy and I used to take Nick and Sarah to the Bulb Show too. We have similar pictures that are 20 years old! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. The last picture cracks me up every time I look at it. Jenny, you are very clever with you captions.

  3. Say...what lovely hand-knitted sweaters you have there... :) *right click save* So glad the girls like the buttons. xoxo -Ann