Friday, April 6, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 33

33 Weeks old!

The weather continued to be warm for most of this week and the daffodils started to bloom! The babies and I met up with Selena at the Smith College gardens and had a little photo shoot amongst the flowers. It was very sunny and the girls didn't have a lot of patience for sitting around and having their photos taken, but we did get a few nice shots.

Ella playing in the grass before the photo shoot.

Yummy stick and a big smile.

Sisters in matching dresses.

All three of us.

My babies.

Ella with the photographer.

On Thursday, Maya sat up for the first time by herself! Once she realized that she could do it, there was no stopping her. She starting practicing her new move, over, and over, and over. Hands and knees - back up to sitting position - huge smile - repeat. She was so proud of herself!

Such a good new skill to have!

Maya is on her way to being able to really crawl. I feel like it's going to click any day now, and once that happens, she's going to be fast! Ella seems to be doing the things now that Maya was practicing a few weeks ago, like experimenting with being on her hands and knees and pushing herself backwards on her hands. We'll see how it goes once they are both mobile! It's time to move things up higher and really make the effort to baby-proof the house.

I love that Maya and Ella are so different. They may be the same age, but they are truly individuals.

The sink that Mama and Papa installed in our bathroom before the twins were born has gotten great use over the past eight months. Recently, it has been doubling as a bathtub for the twins. Before now, we had usually done bath time in the tub with one of us in there with them, but that required a lot of energy. This new discovery has been working out well, and the girls seem to really enjoy playing in the sink.

Maya takes a bath in the sink.

"Hello, there!"

Ella and the much loved and desired rubber ducky.

We had a nice visit with Brett's family in Leyden on Sunday. Kathy, Brett and I took a walk with the babies to visited Merry and Dave, who live up the road from Brett's parents. We stayed in Leyden for lunch and had a relaxing visit with everyone.

Homemade maple sugar candy! We got to take a bunch home to enjoy. Mmm!

Visiting with Merry and Dave. Maya had fun scooching around on the floor. She was so talkative the whole time we were there, which is a new thing for her.

Ella and Uncle Guy play together.

The big oak across the street from Kathy and Craig's house was rotting and recently got cut down. Can you see the smiley faces on the logs?

On a warm day, while Ella was napping, Maya and I played outside in the garden. Selena stopped by to visit and I took a few pictures with her camera. They came out so crisp and clear and it made me really eager to get a digital SLR camera of my own.

Maya and a pine cone.

So serious.

Hugs from Selena.

A beautiful pair.

Maines Field, a nice grassy park, is a very short walk from our house. On Thursday, we had a picnic lunch there! The weather was beautiful and it felt great to get out of the house and do something different. While we were there, and on the walk home, we kept saying to each other that we definitely have to do this again soon!

"Okay, we're at the park and we've got our bibs and your hats on - now where's the food? We're ready to eat!"

Picnic lunch!

While Maya and Ella played on the blanket, Brett and I played catch in the grass near by. The girls were mesmerized by the ball being thrown back and forth and it was neat to see both heads follow the ball from glove to glove.

I took a great walk with Jim on Tuesday while Brett did his Pedal People route. We each carried a baby in an Ergo and hiked around the lake trails at Mt. Tom. We saw lots of turtles and the girls took a little nap while we walked. Having twins, it's not as easy as it would be (if I only had one baby) to get out and do things like this, so I'm always proud of myself when I make it happen.

Ella gets a ride on Jim's back as we walk on the trails around the lake.

These adorable sweaters were made by Maya and Ella's Great Aunt Anne. They are still a bit big on them, but we couldn't wait, they just had to wear them!

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