Monday, April 23, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 35

35 weeks old! Maya and Ella brush their teeth before bed now! The girls were in such silly moods when I snapped this photo. I've included additional pictures from this series at the end of the post.

The big news for Ella this week is that she is getting her bottom teeth! The left one is coming in a little faster than the right, but they are both poking their pointy, white tips, through the gums. Ella has been noticeably more clingy and cranky this week, which I totally understand given the circumstances.


Both girls have been saying, "Ma ma ma" and Da da da" a lot. I know they are mostly practicing these sounds right now, but it's fun to hear our names. We have taken to asking them to find us, "Where is Dada?" (Along with a look or point in the appropriate direction and an excited, "There he is!" when found.)

Brett has been getting up with the girls a lot in the early mornings so that I can rest for a little longer before starting the day. Even though I often can't sleep any more, it's really nice to have a little time to myself. 5:30 is too early to start the day, which is when Maya and Ella have been getting up lately.

We had one awesome night of sleep on Saturday, where the girls didn't wake up to nurse until 4:00 in the morning! Most nights are still not so great though, and we have been feeling very worn out.

Special one-on-one nursing time for Maya.

Spring flowers are blooming all around! I love this time of year. We haven't had much of any rain yet, which I hope we get soon. It's so exciting to watch all the flowers and plants come up.

Lilacs are going to bloom early this year. They are already all budded out and it's not even May yet!


Hyacinths blooming in our front yard.

Our girls love to eat! They especially like to eat anything that they can feed themselves. Some of their favorite things currently: oatmeal, broccoli, cottage cheese (spoon fed), sweet potato, bread, pasta, squash, peaches, quinoa (spoon fed), scrambled egg, and melon.

I thought it would be a fun thing to give the girls hunks of stale bread to gnaw on. I had NO idea how much they would enjoy this. They wouldn't give them up.

Looking back on all the pictures, it seems like this was a busy week for us!

We had our first HooteNanny class, taught by the Nields, on Wednesday. We've enjoyed the music and concerts of the Nields for years, so it was a treat to play and sing with Katryna. We are really looking forward to the rest of the series which is about ten weeks long! Oh--Maya and Ella seemed to enjoy it, too, though they didn't like giving up the sticks they were lent.

Music time!

We went to the Saturday farmer's market with Guy and Jim and spent some time playing at the library after we got our vegetables. We checked out the book, "The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey" which is the second in the series, and we're both looking forward to reading it. The library was a fun place to play with the babies, especially now that they are starting to move around more.

Jim plays his flute outside after the farmer's market.

Coloring with crayons and eating puzzle pieces at the library.

Hannah and Max came down to visit us! We had lunch together and the babies played and napped while we talked. Max has just started to roll over and he gives the best smiles when you talk to him. We were so happy to spend time with them both.

Such love.

Josie and Dave stopped by to see us while they were here for a visit with Selena. They brought Mikey with them (he lives at Selena's house and is also a Pedal Person) and we got to play a game of Ticket To Ride all together while the babies took a nap!

All of us pose for a quick picture on the picnic table.

Selena and Ella having fun together.

The twins' first bath in the tub by themselves!

"Okay, we've got all the tools, now, what can we take apart?"

I keep forgetting to mention that I went out to a concert with Selena at the Iron Horse (in the evening!) at the beginning of the month. We saw Swing Caravan play and I had a nice time being out at night without Brett or the babies. This was a first for me since the twins were born. It felt so strange to go out in the evening. Brett took good care of the babies while I was out (Ella had a rough time getting to sleep and finally drifted off after a ride in the Ergo) and I did a good job of not worrying.

And finally, here are some extra silly photos. Brett was making the girls laugh.


  1. Are they wearing disposable diapers!? ;)

  2. Sacrilege, I know. ;) They have been wearing disposables at night for a few months, now. We wanted to be sure they weren't waking because they felt wet. Usually, we don't change their diaper at night anymore, which is nice, but sadly, it really hasn't made much difference in their wakings. Lately though, both girls (Maya, especially) have had mostly dry diapers in the mornings! So maybe we'll try cloth at night again sometime soon.

  3. Wow! That's pretty cool that they are actually dry in the morning sometimes! I don't think that has ever happened with Atom or Trillian. It seems like the EC is really working pretty well for you guys. I was skeptical! :)

    The night waking really sucks, I know. I just started some sleep training recently with Trillian because she was just getting worse and worse with the waking up. Trying to train them is rough, but so is sleep depravation...