Monday, June 25, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 42 (5/23-5/29)

42 weeks old!

This was an all-around nice week. The weather was warm, yet not too hot, the girls slept well (including their first time sleeping ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT together on Tuesday!) and we got a lot of things accomplished.

Wisteria blooming in the yard!

Ella swings!

Maya swings!

Last post I had a video of Maya and the mirror. This week it's Ella's turn.

I spent a few days in Springfield this week, doing showings at our house and getting the apartments ready to rent to new tenants. This put me away from home and the babies for longer chunks of time than we were all used to. The girls did great and Brett did a super job of taking care of them on his own. Even though I was working, I enjoyed the time away from everyone. Five hours was my limit, though. Longer than that and I started to miss my family too much.

Ella's sleepy "please push me around in this box" face.

We had a super fun visit from our friends Sarabeth, Jeff, Ben and Jem! The last time we saw them was in 2010 when we were biking across the country! They stayed overnight in our guest room and the adults even got a chance to chat for a while after the kids when to sleep. (A huge Congratulations and welcome to the newest member of their family, a little girl who was not yet born when they visited!!)

Ben and Jem meet Ella and Maya!

The boys build block towers for the girls to knock down.

Ben: the incredible tree-shimmier-upper! We all went for a walk (some of us biked) around Northampton together the next morning.

Group photo.

Ella is quickly gaining more confidence at standing up while holding onto furniture. It's fun to see her become stronger and less wobbly every day. While Ella practices her standing skills, Maya's newest thing is to bite while we're nursing! She hasn't bitten me hard, but she is definitely testing to see what will happen if she does. She will pause, looks up at me, clenches her teeth, and then smirk! I have been immediately stopping nursing and setting her down while saying, "No biting!" as calmly as I can after having just been bitten with sharp pointy dagger teeth. Usually we will nurse again in a few minutes and she won't bite again for a while. Ugh. I hope this is a short phase.

On a happier and sweeter note, Ella is giving kisses a lot (sometimes on her own!) and Maya will occasionally give them as well, though mostly to Brett. Some current favorite games are "Tasty Toes" where we all pretend to eat each other's toes, and "Hey! My pacifier!" where Maya or Ella will offer her pacifier and at the last minute before it's taken, stuff if back in her mouth. Hours of fun.

As an anniversary present, Brett's parents, Guy, and Selena all chipped in and got us a Miele vacuum cleaner! This is something that I always coveted (after cleaning other people's houses for years with this awesome vacuum) but never really imagined that I would own. I have already vacuumed the whole house twice. It is amazing. Crumbs on the floor -- your reign has ended.

Maya shows off her spiffy new FuzziBunz cloth diaper and her teeth brushing skills. We went tag saleing on Saturday and found these diapers for an amazing deal -- under a dollar apiece!! We've been using them at night instead of disposables and they have been working great! Our only regret is not buying all of the ones that the people were selling.

That's how it's done!


We went swimming in the river for the first time this year!

Both babies LOVED the water! Maya took longer to warm up to going all the way in, while Ella practically dove into the water.

Post swim and cozy stroller ride home.

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