Monday, July 2, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 44 (6/6-6/12)

44 weeks old!

Timmy was here visiting for the first few days of this week! It was so nice to spend time with him and to watch Maya and Ella get to know their uncle. We had a fun few days and I hope Timmy is able to come visit again soon!

It took a couple days for the girls to warm up to Timmy. They have been shy around people they don't know recently.

Aunt Anne came for a nice visit while Timmy was here. I hope that we can make it down to the Cape sometime this summer to visit Aunt Anne and hopefully see Uncle Harold and Aunt Heidi!

All of us eating lunch together. Ella and I are hiding in the back.

Unfortunately, the girls were pretty cranky all week. They are both getting their top four teeth all at once! I'm sure that is making them feel uncomfortable, plus, they are both (especially Maya) going through a really shy and clingy-to-their-parents phase. They have been sleeping terribly and just aren't their happy, content selves. It's too bad that Timmy had to see them when they were so clingy and fussy.

Timmy's iPhone was fascinating.

On Wednesday, we went to our second to last HooteNanny!

Maya was surprisingly social! She crawled over and sat with some other kids for a few songs.

Ella and Zachary play on the drum together.

Maya LOVES to eat black beans. They are probably her favorite food right now. Here are some pictures of her devouring them:

She eats beans one at a time. But quickly.


Taking a break to smile for the camera.

It felt good to accomplish a little bit of yard work this week. The back yard is looking great these days, while the front garden could use a good weeding. My Black-Eyed Susans will be opening soon and morning glory plants are coming up from seeds that were left from last year.

Hey, let us out! We were having fun helping in the garden! (And by "help" we mean trying to eat wood chips and dirt.)

The first bloom opened on my rain lily!

Maya and Brett turn the compost pile.

About to get wet. Swimming, for the second time with the babies in the river by our house. They enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than the first time!

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