Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 46 (6/20-6/26)

46 weeks old!

As the above photo clearly shows, sometimes life is just exhausting! As the week started out, Mama and Papa left for home. We really had a nice time with them. Besides our busy weekend away at the festival, we enjoyed eating meals together (both at home and out) and spending time playing with the babies. During their visit, (thanks to her Grandma for showing her how) Maya learned how to wave! Ella soon picked it up, too. I haven't gotten a video yet, but let me assure you, it's really cute.

Maya playing outside with Grandma Sherry.

Before Mama and Papa left for the airport on Wednesday, we all cooled off in the river by our house. Thanks to Mama for taking pictures while the rest of us were swimming!

Papa and me with the babies.

Getting warm in Grandpa's arms.

"But I wasn't done swimming!" says Maya.

Our night time sleep has been getting worse over the past few weeks, and these were some of the roughest few nights in a while. I don't know if it was all the new teeth the girls have coming in, our weekend away, so much company, or just a combination of everything that has been going on, but they were back to waking up every two hours. To make things worse, they don't sleep the same two hour stretches during the night, so we're up just about every hour. When they wake up, the only thing that seems to help them calm down and get back to sleep is nursing. Brett has had success sometimes with rocking or walking around until whoever is up falls asleep, but that is exhausting and I can't seem to sleep while he's up with them, so it has been very frustrating. We're not sure what exactly to do. Toward the end of the week, I got another Pack n' Play and we might try having the girls sleep in those. We need to do something different, because this every-two-hour thing isn't working for any of us.

Ella, asleep in our bed in the early morning.

Maya, wide awake: "Mama, why is she still sleeping? Please let me wake her up so we can play!"

Despite our tired and cranky state, we did do some fun things. We finally tried out the bike trailer again and this time it was a success! A tandem ride, with babies in tow, to Look Park on Sunday (for a picnic with the Spring/Summer 2011 babies group we're part of) was a huge highlight of the week. Also, black raspberries are ripe! It's hard to feel down while picking and eating fruit from your own back yard.

Almost ready to go! Ella just needs her helmet. She was busy eating black raspberries while Maya was getting her helmet on.

How we roll! The helmets seem to make the girls heads slump over a bit, but they didn't mind too much. They fell asleep on the way there and on the ride home.

A group shot of parents and babies. This wasn't everyone -- just the folks who showed up in time for the photo. What a great group of people!

Enjoying some watermelon.

Eating and playing in the dirt -- sometimes it's hard to remember what is food and what is dirt.

A quick rinse off in the splash park before we bike home.

It was also very hot this week. We cooled off in the river a few times before bed and the babies are loving the, "BIG splash-splash-splash", as compared with the bath ("splash-splash-splash"). Both girls get excited now when we arrive a the swimming area and they want to jump in the water before I'm ready to get fully wet.

On Friday, Maya very clearly crawled over to me and said, "Mama!". It has only happened that one time so far, but I will remember it forever. Language (along with standing and cruising, which both girls are becoming very skilled at) is a big thing going on for Maya and Ella right now. They are playing with sounds more and more and watching us when we talk. The other night, while transferring a sleeping Ella from the Ergo to her bed, she opened her eyes for a split second, uttered a very clear, "Up!" and fell promptly back to sleep.

Growing up so fast!


Kathy came over on Friday and brought this tub for the girls to splash around in. I love watching Maya and Ella play with their grandparents.

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