Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 49 (7/11-7/17)

49 weeks old!

The most exciting things in Maya and Ella's world this week? Shoes and hats. They are in love with shoes and hats. When we get up in the morning, first thing after nursing and cuddles, the girls dash out of our bedroom and find the shoes, hats and bike helmets in the hall. Requests are made for Brett to wear his bike helmet. Shoes are to be put on feet and taken off and put back on again. Sometimes the girls still want to be wearing their bike helmets and shoes when it's time for breakfast.

Maya loves her red hat.

Sleep is still going well. Most nights we don't need to go in for the girls at all! If they do wake up in the middle of the night, it's almost always only for a minute or two so we don't go in then either. Sometimes Ella still has a tough time getting to sleep at bedtime. When this happens we usually go in and change her diaper or hold/nurse her for a short time before putting her back down. It's so much calmer and more relaxing for us in the evenings now. I am still not sleeping well, unfortunately. I often wake up multiple times and have trouble getting back to sleep. I think I might need some sleep training.

We had a couple of fun outings this week. On Sunday we went to the playgroup at the hospital and Maya and Ella had fun spending time with their friends Olivia and Lexi.

Sharing snacks. Left to right: Lexi, Ella, Maya, Olivia.

The other outing was a trip to Lakeville to spend the day with Brett's family. Maya and Ella got to meet a lot of extended family members for the first time, including Brett's nephew Grayson, whom Ella enjoyed climbing on. It was a pretty short stay, because we timed both pieces of driving to their naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Still, it was worth it and we had a nice time visiting.

A ride in the toy box for everyone!

In the middle of the week, the four of us went out to lunch at an Asian buffet in town! We've only gone out to eat with the girls a couple of times. This was probably one of the best, although definitely the girls still made quite a mess. They really wanted to drink from our huge water cups, so their shirts were soaked before the meal even began. Still, it wasn't too stressful, and it was nice to do something different in our week.

Maya took little tastes of lots of things. What she didn't like mostly ended up on the floor.

Ella enjoyed the watermelon.

Every day, the girls are getting better at walking. Ella has taken multiple steps on her own and Maya has toddled the length of the living room without falling!

While we were outside working in the garden, Maya noticed this walker toy out for free at the end of our neighbors driveway. It now lives in our driveway. The girls love it.

Such fun to be able to stand up by yourself after almost a year!

Ella. A new thing for Ella recently is holding two things in one hand. She has been practicing this very deliberately all week, mostly with puzzle pieces.

Playing in the driveway.

The bubble jar is a current favorite toy. Notice the beloved red hat?

Teamwork: Maya pulls the books down and Ella reads them.

By the end of the week, almost all of my lilies were open.

Maya shows how it's done.

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  1. great videos and wonderful pictures, as usual. thank you,jenny, for keeping us updated. looking forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks!