Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 50 (7/18-7/24)

50 weeks old!

As Maya and Ella get older, I am becoming better at taking time for myself during the days. I don't worry about them as much now if I'm gone for a few hours. It's very freeing to be able to run errands, or go shopping on my own without feeling so much pressure to get back home because the babies might be hungry. They eat three meals a day, plus a few snacks (and they LOVE their food) so I'm not too worried about them getting enough nutrition.

This isn't to say they don't nurse anymore. Maya still nurses many times throughout the day if she gets the chance. (She learned how to sign "nurse" this week!! It's so cute and I can't help but oblige whenever she squeezes her tiny hand into a fist). Ella will nurse for a minute or two multiple times in the day, but is far less interested than her sister. The one time that Ella nurses for an extended period is in the morning. Maya can be a bit dominating (she likes to switch back and forth while nursing and if Ella is in the way she is less than pleased), so I've been trying to find one-on-one time to nurse with Ella. That hasn't made a lot of difference, though. Ella is just not as into it. I think she's so eager to run off and play that it's hard for her to nurse for long.

On one of my adventures out in the world alone, I happened on this amazing tag sale. The sellers were parents of 9-year-old twins and other children as well, and they were getting rid of wonderful wooden toys for incredibly inexpensive prices. The above picture shows a few of my finds. I was SO excited to show everyone when I came home!

This rocking horse was another steal, sitting out with a free sign in someone's yard. The girls like it a lot.

We have two potties now! I got the larger green one at the same tag sale as all the wooden toys. It was only $4.00. It's been great to have two potties. This is one of those things that I have felt would be useful for months, but didn't realize just how much until we got it. No more waiting your turn. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Ella took 7 steps in a row by herself this week! That is her record so far. She seems so happy when she is walking, but unlike her sister, Ella doesn't seem in a hurry to get around on two feet. She still crawls most of the time. She can stand up super fast, but when she takes steps they are so slow and careful.

We've left the girls with a babysitter a few times recently. This is not easy for me because, especially Maya, cries when we leave and is in a very clingy phase. I'm sure it will get easier to leave the girls with people the more we do it, but right now I am having such a tough time with it. Once they form a bond with their babysitter(s), it will be different I'm sure. Right now, I just worry that when we leave, Maya and Ella will think that we aren't coming home. It gets easier, right?

Michaela poses with Ella, who is sporting cool shades (yet another free-pile snag).

Maya's turn with glasses.

What are big sisters for?

Aunt Anne came for a visit on Thursday. We are excited about possibly taking a trip out to the Cape next month to spend the day with her, Uncle Harold and Aunt Heidi. We could go to the ocean for the first time with the girls!

Aunt Anne reads one of Ella's favorite books.

We also had a couple other visitors this week. My friend Caroline, who I lived with in Watertown for a summer when I was much younger, stopped by for a short visit. It was great for her to meet the babies and for me to catch up with her. The same day, Kathy and Merry (who took pictures of our wedding for us) came over and we all played outside, snacked and chatted. It was a lot of people all in one day for the twins, and they were wound up and clingy for a lot of it. I think it's really good for them to spend time around other people, though, even if they will only cautiously stare at them from the safety of Mama and Dada's arms.

Merry takes some photos of Ella on her rocking horse.

It finally rained! We were all very excited.

Early morning pony ride.

Before bed, we always read this book. (Thanks, Kate and Mark!)

"Look, let me explain this again. I KNOW you usually sit in this seat. But Dada put me here for this meal, so it's MY seat right now. And this is my food. Get it?"

How we nurse these days.



"Hmm, let's see... choices, choices..."

Ready for a quick bike ride to the river to go swimming after I spent the morning working at the Springfield house.

Helmet + shoes + swing.

So cute.

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