Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 51 (7/25-7/31)

51 weeks old!

While cooking breakfast on Wednesday morning, I noticed this beautiful goldfinch on the echinacea. He stayed on the plant for a few minutes, jumping majestically from flower to flower. I loved watching him and it made for a really nice start to the week.

Exciting news: I have a new camera! It's a Canon Rebel and I bought it used from someone who no longer wanted it. A huge thanks to Guy for sending me the Craigslist ad! I have been wanting a DSLR camera for a long time and this was just enough push to get me to take the leap. So far I've enjoyed the camera. My only complaint is that it doesn't take videos (the newer models do) and I do want to get a different lens for it eventually, so that I can take close-up pictures from further away.

Below are a few of the first pictures taken with my new camera!

Maya, just up from a nap, signing "nurse".


Jerusalem artichoke flowers.

Thursday morning, Ella and I went to the Smith Collage Arboretum to look at the plants and flowers. Brett and Maya were still napping.

Water droplets on a pretty pink flower.

In the cactus room.

I've always wanted one of these plants. When you touch the leaves, they close up.

Sleep has still been good, but Ella has been waking up a couple times in the night and crying for a few minutes. And on Wednesday night, she had such a hard time getting to sleep. I ended up walking around the block with her in the Ergo, something we haven't done in a few months. She fell asleep that way and I really enjoyed the walk and cuddle time with her. I think her teeth might have been bothering her a little. Also, we had a house guest staying over Monday and Tuesday nights (a Couchsurfer from Canada) so maybe she was a little thrown off by the company. We all still get up very early in the mornings. To give you an idea how early, the girls have been going down for their first nap around 8:30 a.m.

On Tuesday morning, we decided to take a walk up to Florence center and eat breakfast at Cup and Top cafe. They have a great little play area. These lego blocks were a favorite.

The slide was also a hit.

Asleep from the walk home.

Playing in the back yard with the water tub that Kathy brought and left for us has been a big hit lately. Lots of hours of fun for Maya and Ella, plus it's nice for whichever of us is watching them to spend some time out in the garden. It's hard to get any big projects done, but I've been able to pull a few weeds here and there.

Splash, splash, splash!

Cooling off with the rubber duckies in the tub.

Flowers reflected in the water.



Some of the rain lilies that Mama brought up from her garden in Florida last time she visited are blooming!

It's always good to wear your helmet, pretty much any time.

Queen of the wood chip pile!!

Time to go inside.

Happy that Dada's wearing his helmet.

I made an effort to make meals so that we could all eat together this week. It worked out well and we enjoyed all sitting together for at least one meal a day. I used the slow-cooker a couple of times, and tried to make large quantities of things so we would have leftovers.

The "hummus effect".

You can see why we always give them baths after dinner, right?

Pirate Booty is a favorite snack.

Ella curled up with Purple Doggie. They have both been taking consistently long naps of one to two hours!

Maya after a nap with Pink Doggie. They are both very attached to their doggies.

One Afternoon, Maya, Ella and I strolled over to Maines Field and hung out for a while so that Brett could have some time alone at the house. Earlier in the week, Kathy had taken the girls to this park and they had a blast playing and running around in the grass.

I think this picture looks like a magazine ad. Like something you would see in an L.L. Bean catalog or something. Or, an ad for the stroller.

The game is: Run to the picnic table, run to Mama, repeat.

There are even swings at Maines Field!


Ella makes it easy to take good pictures.

Our friend Denise was here visiting Northampton (staying with Selena) for the weekend and a few extra days. On Tuesday afternoon, while Brett was working, we all had fun at the Farmer's Market. The girls especially enjoyed eating peaches and listening to the live music.

Denise and Maya have fun trying on Selena's hat.

Me and Ella. (photo by Selena)

Peaches are delicious! (Photo by Selena)

Maya wandered off to say hello to others while we were watching the music. She's usually so shy of people she doesn't know, but sometimes she surprises me!

See you later!


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  2. reading your latest blog post is the perfect way to start the day! oatmeal and fruit can wait (well, coffee couldn't) while papa and i read,laughed and loved your post. that picture of maya on the green pot with helmet and pink doggie reading a book is classic!