Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 55 (8/22-8/28)

55 weeks old!

Most of this week was spent enjoying our time with Mama and Papa. We also had nice visit with Brett's parents on Wednesday up in Leyden. We had a picnic lunch followed by a swim in the river. Unfortunately, the river was a bit chilly and shallower than last year, and both girls were not that excited about it.  Brett had fun improving the rock dam (trying to raise the water level). Afterwards, the girls wore cute dresses and we took some pictures.

Ella balances on Papa's hands.

Drinking water.

"I can do it all by myself!"

Grandpa Craig and Ella.

Ella was fascinated with Grandma's tea that was too hot to touch.

Father and daughter.

Grandma Kathy and Ella.

All of us together.

While they were here, Mama and Papa took our tandem for a spin around the block! I rode with them on my bike, which I realized I hadn't been on in over a year. I forgot how fast my bike can go!

The day my parents left, Brett, the girls and I spent the afternoon with Chris and his daughters, Evelyn and Olivia. We walked over to Maines Field and the babies enjoyed lunch on a blanket, followed by rides on the swings. I think all four twins enjoyed spending time together. A highlight for them seemed to be sharing sippy cups.

After lunch it was time to play with the stroller.

Maya really wanted to climb in.

She almost made it!





Everyone on their way to the swings!

Four babies, two swings. No problem.

They had fun.

We discovered that the Lilly Library is a great place to take the girls. It's just a short stroller walk away and they have a fun house to go in and out of, stuffed animals to hug/kiss, plus puzzles, a bucket of crayons to carry around (and dump out and put back in), and a few toys to play with! That's not to mention all the books to look at.

Peeking into the play house at the library.

Ella decides to go inside.

"Hi, Mama! Just making sure you're still there."

Maya covets other people's shoes.
 She followed this girl around the room for a while, pointing longingly at her sandals.

This rug was a fun and silly place to run around and play.

Here are some shots from the Tuesday Farmer's Market. We all biked there this week and enjoyed popcorn, apples and chatting with lot of people we knew. We stayed just a tad too long and the ride home wasn't as fun because some of us were hungry and tired.

On the lookout for people who might want to steal their apples and popcorn.

People-watching while eating.

Selena was "lucky" enough to get all the extra nutritional yeast that Maya had on her hands.

Squirrels. Maya and Ella are fascinated by them.  We go for walks just to look for squirrels. One morning, I was so proud for deciding to go out and do something on my own with the babies. I got everyone dressed and into the car and to the Northampton library. Well, I forgot that it wasn't open until 1pm that day. Wanh wah. So what did we do? Play in the grass outside and watch the squirrels, of course! And by "watch" I mean point excitedly while saying "Oooo!  Oooooooo!" and then trying to chase them. Just as much fun -- if not more than my original plan.

Girls, watching squirrel.

Squirrel, watching girls.

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