Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 56 (8/29-9/4)

56 weeks old!

Maya and Ella were sick for most of this week. They had Roseola, which is their first real illness. They had a high fever (at times above 103) for two full days before they developed the rash. It wasn't fun for any of us, but we made it through and came out stronger on the other side. Once you've had Roseola, you don't get it again. So, that's one sickness checked off the list!

We did the Hep A vaccination on Wednesday afternoon. It was by far the easiest shot that the girls have gotten. Ella didn't even cry and Maya only got upset because she was scared of the nurse. Both enjoyed picking at the other's bandage and didn't show any sign of being uncomfortable from the vaccination that evening. 

However, a few days later, the fever started. I thought it must be a delayed reaction from the shot, and worried because the fevers were high and didn't seem to be going away. They didn't really have any other symptoms besides the temperature. What worried me most was the lethargy. We mostly hung out in the living room on a blanket on the floor. The girls cuddled their doggies and clung to me. We made sure they drank lots of water and had some juice. Maya didn't have much of an appetite for anything besides yogurt and both girls (especially Maya) nursed constantly for those two days.

I went out and bought a new thermometer. It's the kind that you hold to the forehead and in two seconds it gives the temperature. I also got some children's chewable acetaminophen, which they refused to chew, but we had some luck crushing it up and mixing it with yogurt. 

The day the rash appeared, Brett was out working until the late afternoon. I was home alone with the girls and had been watching it spread, showing up first on their arms, then face and finally covering their entire bodies. By the time Brett got home, I had made an appointment at NAP to have them checked because I was so worried. Their fevers were lower and Ella especially had much more energy, but they both looked like someone had dotted their entire skin with a fine-tipped pink marker. We all went together to the doctor in the evening and right away he knew what they had. The good news was that once they get the rash, it means they are almost better!

 It's just miserable to feel sick.

Ella felt just as miserable as Maya,
but for the most part kept her appetite through it all.

Despite the sickness, we got a few things done and had a little bit of fun when we had the energy. Kathy came and spent an afternoon with the girls, I made some good meals, and we (thanks mostly to the help of Guy) tackled a a project on the house that had needed to be done for a few years. We are having gutters put on the sides of our house in a couple weeks, so before that happens, a section of rotten soffet needed to be repaired. Brett and Guy worked on cutting out the rotten boards, and cleaning out the birds nest that had adorned that spot for the past few years. I painted the new boards and Guy put them up.  

Rotten wood and birds nest all gone!

It's hard to paint without getting any on your hands.

Mostly, at the end of the week, we were just glad that our babies were feeling better. They didn't smile or laugh much for a few days there. Seeing them turn back into their happy, pleasant selves, made us stop and feel very thankful that our girls are so easy and so much fun to be around most of the time.

Maya's, "No thanks, I just want yogurt" face.

The girls have been enjoying these nesting boxes, a recent thrift store find.

They can build a tower almost as tall as themselves!

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