Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 57 (9/5-9/11)

57 weeks old!

Now that the girls are feeling better, it was back to life as normal this week -- except for night time sleep, which pretty much was just horrible. I am pretty sure they are both cutting more teeth, but I think mainly their patterns got thrown off while they weren't feeling well (we nursed at night for a few days), so now they have to re-learn how to get back to sleep on their own. Needless to say, we've been tired. Disrupted sleep is even harder now that we're used to getting a good night's rest. 

On the other hand, the going to sleep part has been easier than ever. We have a nice routine for naps and bedtime, where we say good-bye to things on the way into their room. Most of the time, they happily lay down and go to sleep. It's so easy and very sweet.

We hadn't been using this pillow for the past few months, and were planning to return it to Becky (who so thoughtfully has let us use it since the babies were born) at the multiples meeting this week. Maya and Ella saw it sitting out and got so excited. We might be borrowing it for a while longer.

At the Montessori playground for the multiples group meeting. The slides are one of the girls' favorite things to play on there.

I tried to get a shot of them both going down at once, but Maya went first.

Apples have been an exciting new snack around here. I am impressed how well the girls do with eating them. Apple slices are good, but what they really love is getting a whole apple all to themselves. I usually bite into it for them, just to get it started, but after that they are on their own. It takes them a while, but they will hold onto that apple until it's mostly gone. 

How Maya eats an apple.

I wish this video weren't so dark, but it was evening time and I didn't think to turn the light on. I made this toy out of an empty cottage cheese container and some poker chips. Ella, especially, loves it.

We had an amazing tag sale find on Saturday. Brett and I wanted to go to around to tag sales that morning, so we put the girls in the car and they slept while we drove from tag sale to tag sale. There was nothing even remotely good until the very last one, but there we hit the jackpot! We got a couple children's books, some boots for the girls to grow into, a crawl through fabric tunnel (I have been wanting one of these for months and it was only $1!!), a double stroller that is light and easy to fold up and fits in our car trunk, plus the best wooden rocking boat ever!

Captain Maya takes her sister for a spin in their new boat.

We are so happy with how well the potty seat we got for the toilet has been working out. Both girls are using it more than their little potties. They adore flipping through our Adventure Cycling magazines and pointing to all the bikes and helmets.

A few of our sunflower plants were blown over in a rainstorm so I picked a huge bouquet. I also baked this whole wheat rosemary bread in the dutch oven and it was delicious.

Brett and I have done well taking time out on our own this week. We've also given each other breaks a couple times by taking both babies and letting the other person spend time alone in the house. I took Maya and Ella to see the animals at the Northampton Vocational School barnyards on my own, Ella and I had a fun grocery shopping trip together, and we've been using the stroller again to take many walks around the neighborhood.

Brett found these blocks out for free while taking the girls for a walk!

Ella snacks on a banana and waves "Bye!" to the grocery store after our shopping trip.

Coming back inside after playing.

Pretty sunflower and Fall asters blooming in the backyard.

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