Monday, October 1, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 58 (9/12-9/18)

58 weeks old!

Looking through all the pictures from this week had me a little teary-eyed. Maya and Ella are growing up too fast! They are starting to eat food with utensils and are working on running. Ella now signs "nurse" and Maya learned the sign for "water" this week. They understand just about everything we say to them and love to "help" put things away, carry their dirty clothes to the laundry basket or bring us shoes to put on. Throwing things into the trash/recycling is a work in progress, as they like to take the thrown away item back out again most of the time.

Outside is the place to be right now. Swinging, riding on the rocking horses, climbing the wood-chip pile, looking at the bikes in the garage, exploring the yard and picking/eating cherry tomatoes from the garden are a few favorite activities.

They enjoy handing things to each other while on the swings.

Maya takes tomato picking very seriously.

Hi there!

For me? Yum!

A new thing for us is taking a stroller walk half way around our block, then letting Maya and Ella walk the rest of the way around. That second part of the walk takes a LONG time.

Maya had fun dropping stones from the little bridge into the stream one day.

Ella was more interested in eating her apple.

In hot pursuit of a squirrel.

"How come they always climb up the trees?"

We had a great visit with Chris, Kelly, Olivia and Evelyn at their place in South Hadley. The girls were shy of each other at first, but they warmed up by exchanging sippy cups. By the end of the visit, they were friends. I saw Evelyn and Maya "sharing" a toy at one point, and Oliva and Ella played together for a few minutes.

Evelyn and Maya share a grape.

Oliva (with Maya and Ella's sippy cup), Evelyn, Ella and Maya, getting ready to crawl through the tunnel!

Ella (with Evelyn and Olivia's sippy cup), and Maya about to enter the tunnel.


Big smile!

Here comes Ella!

Chris and Evelyn.

Brett spots girls for step climbing.

Yogurt is one of Maya's favorite foods. Ella likes it too, but Maya LOVES it. Sometimes we go through two tubs in a week. I don't eat any, and Brett maybe has a little once or twice. 

Checking to see how much is left.

"There's still some in here!"

"I can get it."


So, the girls can pretty much reach the stove knobs now. We tell them it's not a toy and they mostly listen.

Hugs for Dada.

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  1. Holy cow! I knew I recognized that chin from somewhere when I saw it back in May, but my God does Maya look like her Daddy in some of these photos! :) You all look so well and happy. Mike and I will probably be visiting his family the weekend of Nov 14th for his birthday and I'd love a visit. Any chance you'll be around? Miss you. :) -Ann