Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 63 (10/17-10/23)

63 weeks old!

Brett celebrated his 32nd birthday this week! It was a cool, rainy day, so we mostly stayed indoors. I made some soup for lunch and we ate delicious apple pie and apple spice cake. 

A birthday present for Brett from Guy. (It's a chop saw, to replace the old broken one in our basement.) 

Brett trimmed the forsythia bushes in the backyard...

...but it was slow work because Ella and Maya *loved* holding the clippers.

Selena also had a birthday this week and we went to her party. (Yes, we actually went to a party as a family! And in the evening no less!) We had a good time and Maya and Ella liked eating the food and seeing all the people.

It seems that we've finally found a babysitter who we fit well with. Craig is a friend of Selena's, and he works part time at the Cup and Top cafe in Florence. He has lots of babysitting experience, along with a calm and patient nature. He's been great with the girls. We hope to have him come for a few hours every Wednesday afternoon, so that Brett and I can have a regular break. 

Maya and Ella are really into trucks right now. Any sort of big truck that catches their eyes is an instant, "stop what you're doing, point and 'oooh' and 'ahhh' until it's out of sight," moment. On Sunday, Guy and I took the girls to the Easthampton Fire Department's open house. There were many fire trucks to look at, big hoses and Smokey The Bear (which neither girl would go near). 

There was popcorn for sale, and that was actually the biggest hit of all.

We got to sit in a fire truck! The girls weren't so sure about the whole thing but I loved it.

Ella pointing to me because I'm holding the popcorn.

Maya checks out one of the big fire hoses.

Selena works a few days a week at the new flower shop in Thorne's Marketplace downtown. One afternoon, Maya, Ella and I stopped by to visit her. We also had fun climbing up and down the staircases and getting pumpkins at Cornucopia before coming home. It's really great to just get out of the house sometimes, even if it's a short trip with no big errand to accomplish, and all of us enjoy seeing Selena.  

Hug for Selena!

Smelling flowers (and another hug).

Three cute girls.

We had a bunch of rainy days, but most weren't terribly cold, so we still got outside this week.

Horsey races.

Glamor shot.

Glamor shot and winner of the best hair award.

A glimpse of Fall sitting on Evan and Merry's garden posts.

Ornamental grass in bloom in the backyard.

Selena came over one afternoon and Maya and Ella really wanted to go for a bike ride. Brett and Selena went with them while I stayed home. In this picture, the girls are reminding Selena that she should put her helmet on.

Selena and Brett on their way around the block on the tandem.

This is a new skill -- walking up and down a sloped surface. Somewhat terrifying for me to watch, but they actually do pretty well.

Out for a before-dinner walk on one of the warmer afternoons.

Getting everyone to walk in the same direction can be a challenge.

Especially when there are so many leaves to jump in!

Ella watches our neighbor, Sarah, rake leaves.

They love their kefir.

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