Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 64 (10/24-10/30)

64 weeks old!

I took a couple cute videos this week. Here are two showing the girls playing with toys around the house. We do a lot of this. In the first video, Ella pretends to be asleep and then wake up. This is a new game that is very popular!

How we play.

Working together with the stacking toy.

"I see Maya and Dada, but, where is Ella?!"

There weren't a whole lot of pictures taken this week. I think I forgot to bring the camera along on the few outings that we took and I also misplaced it for a couple days. The most noteworthy thing that happened was that Maya put her boots on all by herself for the first time! She was very proud. The biggest thing that happened (or almost happened) was the storm Sandy, which did little besides send some rain and wind our way, but canceled our flight to Florida on Monday.

We knew by the weekend that the airline had canceled our flight and we were really disappointed because we were looking forward to our trip so much. We thought that it was unlikely we would get booked on another flight sooner than the end of the week and that we would just have to reschedule our Florida visit for a later time. We wanted to go so much that we even toyed with the idea of getting in the car and driving (ha!) all the way. Selena came over and watched Maya and Ella while Brett and I gathered things together and loaded up the car. By the time we were pretty much packed, we were exhausted and hungry and ultimately decided it wasn't a good idea to make the 24 hour trip by car. Looking back, I am SO glad that we made that decision  It was a terrible idea and we would have gotten to Florida with no energy whatsoever.

It turned out that we were rebooked on a flight that left Tuesday evening. It wasn't our ideal choice of a time to fly because we would arrive in Florida late at night, but we gratefully took it. The flight was slightly delayed and totally exhausting. The babies didn't sleep (actually, Maya finally did for a little bit at the very end), we didn't sleep, food got everywhere, there was some crying and I was reminded that you just can't expect a 14-month-old (let alone two 14-month-olds) to sit still for longer than 1 second when they are over-tired.

Timmy and Malory kindly picked us up at the Orlando airport when we arrived. All four of us slept while they drove us home. Thus was the beginning of our week in Florida!

Waiting to board our plane. We had a long wait because we got there very early and then our flight was delayed. Maya wants to nurse and Ella is looking for airplanes.

Nursing at the airport.

Watching the big trucks drive around and the planes take off and land.

Sharing a sandwich.

All packed up and ready to go!

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