Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 67 (11/14-11/20)

67 weeks old!

There aren't a ton of pictures this week. I had a cold and therefore didn't take a lot of photos. I was mostly better by the end of the week, but by Saturday, Maya and Ella were feeling sick. Fortunately they got over it within a few days and Brett never caught it.

A pretty shot from a walk early in the week, before I felt sick.

Moon + geese + late afternoon sky.

On Friday, Maya and Ella had their 15 month doctor's appointment. They got two new books to take home, and Maya is now around the 50th percentile for weight while Ella jumped up a tiny bit to above the 35th percentile. We didn't do the shots because they both seemed under the weather. The next day, Maya was definitely sick, so I'm glad we held off on the vaccinations. 

A ride in the rocking car while we wait to be seen at the doctor's office.

Maya learned how to make the sound for a horse this week and she can also tell you what an elephant says -- complete with arm gesture! Recently, both girls have been babbling a lot more and they really watch when we say words. Sometimes they try to imitate us when we talk, but it doesn't usually sound like the word they were intending to say. They seem very shy/embarrassed about speaking or trying to pronounce words they don't already know how to say, but I can tell that they also really want to be able to do it.

Another thing that has become more pronounced is the girls' copying of each other and us. If Maya is having some water to drink, Ella must have some too. Ella has shoes on? Maya NEEDS to wear her shoes! Ella says 'up', Maya says 'up'. Mama's wearing a jacket with a zipper? Ella and Maya go get their jackets with zippers. 

Putting away clean laundry takes a lot longer now that we have twins. And it's not only because we have a lot more laundry!

On Friday evening, Brett and I went out for a short time to check out Guy's art, which was on display, along with other artists' work at the Knack Holiday Pop Up store in the new Signature Sounds building in town. Selena was so nice and stayed with Maya and Ella (who were asleep, but woke up once while we were out) so that we could go.

Guy poses next to some of his beautiful earring trees at the art opening.

Because of being sick and the girls waking at night not feeling well, we did some night-time nursing this week for the first time in a while. Nights have been tough and It's hard to get back on track with sleeping through the night now that they are used to nursing again. 

On a more positive note, Maya and Ella have been playing really nicely together on their own more often. I've noticed this especially when they are in the bath.  Often, Brett or I will just sit in the bathroom and read while the girls happily babble, splash, and play in the water together for a long time. The cutest moments are when I look up and notice that one of the girls is gently washing the other's back with a cloth, or trying to comb her hair.

While I was resting one day, Brett took the girls on a stroller walk. These big dump trucks are parked near the Crimson and Clover farm. Sadly, the girls were zoned out in the stroller and didn't seem at all interested, despite their current intense interest in books about trucks.

Here are two cute videos of Brett with the girls.

Apple sauce is yummy.

Peek-a-boo is funny.


  1. The videos are very cute this week. I love when a little laugh escapes from the videographer!

  2. love the videos. papa