Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 70 (12/5-12/11)

70 weeks old!

This week consisted of a lot of playing dress up, pretending to be asleep and then awake, laughter from being put in the other girl's bed after getting up from a nap (apparently the funniest thing EVER), climbing, reading books, and plenty of eating. I got to go to a couple thrift stores on my own, which I really enjoy. One was combined with a trip to collect rent in Springfield (the Savers thrift shop in West Springfield has so much stuff!) and the others were just quick stops while out doing errands in town. 

Maya, looking very cute in a dress/vest combo she picked out herself.  The dress is new from the thrift store this week and the vest was mine when I was a toddler. Both girls love to wear the vest because they can take it off by themselves.

New chairs. Also from the thrift store.

Good for standing on.

The big chairs are good for standing on, too. It's easier to reach the food that way.

And Mama's water glass.

Pick me up, pick me up!

Bunny plates! The one on the top, I ate off of when I was little. The one on the bottom I found at the thrift store for 59 cents! I'm so excited to have two now, so Maya and Ella can each use one.

I found these adorable little dolls at Savers. I paid $4.00 for all of them. Looking them up online, I found out that they are Honey Hill Bunch Dolls made by Mattel from 1976-1978. They are worth about $10.00 each!

On Sunday, we met Chris, Kelly, Olivia and Evelyn at the Universal Kids play area. It was our first time there and the girls had a blast. There is a big play area with all kinds of toys in different themes (which wasn't particularly exciting) and a room with ball pits and slides, which was VERY exciting!

The ball pit was a HUGE hit for everyone.

Ella took a little longer to warm up to the ball pit than the other three, but she did have fun once she was in. It also helped once Dada got in.



She had the best crazy static hair!


Oliva and Maya climbed out of the ball pit themselves.

Getting ready to jump back in...

Wait, I'm not ready...

You're coming with me!



Where is Ella?

It's a lot of work to climb out!

We all enjoyed some popcorn.

Everyone was supposed to wear socks in the play areas. Ella kept taking hers off. This provided her with the special super power of vertical slide assent. Maya was jealous.

This would have turned out badly, had Brett not intervened.

Up the slide and down the other side, that's how Ella rolls.

Speaking of rolling, this car was probably the best thing in the whole place. Everyone got a turn or two to ride it and the others helped push. Chris was awesome, helping the girls push/steer for a LONG time.

Olivia's turn!

Maya was SO pleased whenever it was her turn!

Here are some other highlight photos from the week.


Sweeping. Ella says, "I think you missed a spot."

Maya, playing peek-a-boo, using the curtain in her room.

Selena time!

After-nap reading.

Olives. They taste best if stuck on your finger before they are eaten.

Nose kisses.

Playing outside and trying out new gloves.


Helping Dada clean up the front yard on a drizzly day. Maya has also been enamored with pockets. She's delighted every time she realizes that what she's wearing has them.

If you are Maya, and you are hungry and outside, the kale in the garden looks pretty tasty.

On Monday evening I took the girls out to a choral Christmas concert at the Helen Hills Hills Chapel in Northampton. Kathy came with us and Brett stopped by after dropping the equipment off at Scrabble Club. We didn't stay the whole time because Maya and Ella started getting giddy-tired and wanting to crawl down the aisles. Brett biked back to Scrabble Club while Kathy and I took the girls home and put them to bed. They went to sleep easily after quite a few games of hide-behind-Grandma's-back-and-pretend-to-be-gone-only-to-run-out-laughing-a-second-later. 

There you are!

Tired hugs.

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