Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 71 (12/12-12/18)

71 weeks old!

We got our tree this week! Maya and Ella helped me pick it out. It's small, but very cute. Brett and I set it up in the evening, after the girls were in bed. We put the lights on that night and the next day the girls helped us add the ornaments.  So far, they have been good about being gentle with the tree. We tell them to just wave to the ornaments, or touch very gently.


Maya, especially, has been having more tantrum-like behavior when she doesn't get what she wants. It could be anything from wanting her sister's socks, the boots Ella happens to be wearing, a toy that Ella is playing with (are you sensing a pattern here?), a specific color pacifier, or a different bowl for eating out of. Maya will shake her head profusely, while waving her arms around and yowling. On the other side of things, often she has been good at waiting for things and sharing. It all seems to depends on her mood and how tired she is. Ella is still pretty easy-going and doesn't often get too upset when things are taken from her or don't go her way.

This box was the favorite toy this week. 

It became very colorful as the days went by.

But this box was more than just a place to color with crayons - it became the best climbing-sitting-jumping-off place in the house!

Ella, ready for her dismount...

...the jump (what form!)

She nails the landing!

Back for more!

Life is good.

Unfortunately, life wasn't so good for some of us over the weekend. On Saturday night, I came down with a horrible stomach bug. Both Maya and Ella had thrown up a few days before, so I likely caught whatever they had. While we were worried about the girls when they were sick, what they had seemed to pass quickly and there were no other symptoms along with the bit of nausea. Not the case for me. This was the worst sickness that I've had in, maybe ever. Brett got it the night after I did and we were both out of commission for a good day and a half following the worst of our sickness. I am so thankful that we weren't ill at the same time, so that we could help each other cope. I also feel lucky that the worst of it happened for us in the evening, after the girls were asleep for the night.

Brett, reading the book "All the World" to the girls. I took this picture during a brief moment of not laying in bed.

This is after I was feeling better, but still weak. I was very happy to have the energy to move from the bed to the couch for some snuggles with Maya.

Brett, on the mend, but during his day spent in bed. Maya and Ella joined him to watch a video while I made us dinner.

Here are a few more pictures from the week. On Thursday, Brett and I both had dental appointments and we took the girls along. I don't have any pictures from that day, but Ella enjoyed watching Brett get his teeth cleaned for a few minutes. Maya, however, desperately wanted him to be "all done". She kept signing "all done" over and over, clearly anxious to have Dada out of the dentist's chair. Shortly after, I took the girls out to the waiting room, and we had a good time playing while Brett got the rest of his teeth cleaned.   

Mama's boots are the best.

Apples are pretty good, too.

Ella's turn with my boots. And she has her rain jacket on, too, just in case it gets especially wet inside the house.

Big boots, little girl.


Ella and Maya learned how to open the tabs on this pill container this week! They've been able to close the tabs for a while, but always hand it over to us to be opened again. As cute as it was, I'm pleased that they can do this on their own now.

Sweet hugs for Uncle Guy at the farmer's market. Guy was so nice and brought us ginger ale and homemade miso soup when we weren't feeling well.

After the farmer's market, Brett took the girls up to Cradle to use the bathroom and play for a few minutes. The baby doll is always a favorite.

Where are Maya's hands?

Where is Grandma?
Kathy also came down while we were on the mend and brought us food, hugs and good company.

My yogurt.

It's difficult to make it all the way from the cup to the mouth without dripping some.

At the end of the week, Toby and Sabrina visisted for a day, on their way back to New York City from Burlington, VT. We are looking forward to seeing Toby for a longer visit in a couple weeks. 

Getting a game in while the babies nap.

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