Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 72 (12/19-12/25)

72 weeks old!

We started off the week with a doctor's appointment for the girls. We went to get the vaccinations and blood draws that had been postponed at their last check-up. Sadly, we forgot to bring pacifiers with us, so there was a lot of crying and two very upset little girls by the end of the blood draws. The worst part (at least for Ella) was the numbing bandages that were put on arms in preparation for the blood draw. She did NOT want those bandages on. Her crying set off Maya (cue concerned look and the sign for cry) who, though reluctant to let the nurse come near her, might have held it together had her sister not been so upset. The next time they need blood drawn, we may skip the numbing step. We will, at the very least, ask how important it is. 

They had no negative reaction to the shots (PCV-13, Chicken Pox, and MMR) this time, except a small rash and redness where the needles went in. I know that vaccinations are good and what we've chosen to do, but every time they get them I still worry. 

 Attempting to get a good picture of both toddlers in front of the tree. One smile!

One smile. One blank stare.

Maya is done sitting.

One half asleep and one half smile. Time for bed.

On Friday afternoon we went to see Kathy sing with her group at the hospital. The concert was during the time that we usually have lunch, and though they had a snack, Maya and Ella weren't in the best moods for sitting and listening to music. They excitedly pointed to Grandma and then squirmed around for the rest of the time.

Hanging out with Grandma after the concert.

They were very happy to finally be able to give her hugs. Once or twice we had to restrain them from running up to her while the group was still singing.

We stopped at Green Fields Market for some lunch after the singing.

Selena came over later in the week and we made another attempt at getting a good picture of the girls with the Christmas tree. When two of the four subjects are in constant motion, it takes a lot of pictures to get a good one.

Once again, Maya and Ella did not want to sit still. 

Just the two of us. Much easier to get a good picture.

Brett's brilliant idea.

Story time with Selena.

Happy to be outside on a sunny day.

Hats to keep the feet warm.

Is he asleep? <poke, poke>

After meals, we have started a great routine where one of us (usually me) will go wash dishes while the other stays in the living room with the girls, handing them items from the table to bring to the kitchen. Maya and Ella will take turns busing dirty dishes from the table to the kitchen until everything is put away. Brett calls this "chore tennis" because they both run back and forth with such gusto. I am greeted by the cutest little girls with the biggest grins ("Look at me, Mama! I'm carrying this BIG plate AND a fork!").   In return, I present them with the clean (just washed) dishes, which they excitedly carry back to Brett. They love to help. And it helps us clean up. Definitely a great routine.

On Monday, we were so impressed with Maya and Ella. We only had one banana, and they both wanted the whole thing. After some explaining and a bit of initial help, they ate the whole banana, together, taking turns (handing it back and forth) until it was gone.

Standing on the chairs in the living room is the best thing. Maya and Ella can get up and down safely on their own now! 


Adventures with paint (and it really was an adventure, one not to be repeated anytime soon).

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  1. Craig noticed the reflection of you parents in the window in the first photo. Pretty cool family portrait!