Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 74 (1/2-1/8)

74 weeks old!

We kept noticing things this week that the girls could do easily now, that last time we checked, they couldn't. For instance, they effortlessly climb in and out of their rocking boat, and we don't worry (much) about them falling anymore. They can pull the cord on the flashlight to charge it all on their own (something they used to struggle with and be afraid of because of the loud noise it makes) and they are getting so good at climbing stairs (especially the ones leading to our basement, which they LOVE). All of their clothes (12 & 18 months) are getting small. Maya and Ella are almost a year and a half old -- amazing!!

"Hi, Maya!" 
Now-a-days, climbing up and down from the learning tower is no big deal for these two.

Grocery shopping with Dada.
Having one girl standing in the back of the cart feels a lot safer now than it used to.

We had a couple outings this week, besides grocery shopping. We went to the farmers market on Saturday, and out to breakfast one morning at the Green Bean with Selena. After the breakfast out, we stopped at the Parents Center for a short play-time. Maya wore underwear the whole time we were out and she stayed dry the whole time! She used the toilet at the restaurant (with our little seat) and she was very proud of herself. Ella had a diaper during our outing, but didn't pee (though she did sit and try) until we got home.

Maya and Brett walk down the stairs in Thorne's Marketplace, heading to the farmers market.

Ella (people watching) at the farmers market.

Carrots! We bought a huge bag of carrots.

If Maya could, she would probably say, "Selena, I love you!"

Hat, gloves and boots on all by herself! Could she look any prouder?

Our Christmas tree is still up. It hasn't been pulled down by Maya or Ella and we're still enjoying the pretty lights in the evening. When the girls get up in the morning and we go into the living room, they say, "Hi" to the tree first thing. I hope they aren't too sad when we eventually take it down.

Maya gives the panda ornamant a kiss.

Ella helps Dada with his Scrabble game.

We discovered that a bowl of snow to play with inside, was a lot of fun.

"Try some, it's good!"

It was a brilliant way to keep two toddlers occupied and quiet for 20 minutes!

Maya is cute.

Sleep has been much better this week! The only complaint we really have is that 4:00 a.m. is just TOO early to wake up. Someone (Maya!) seems to think that this is the best time to wake up, because she's been doing it consistently for days. Often her cries wake her sister up and I end up nursing them both. We've had some success with putting the girls back to bed after they've nursed for a while.  That usually gives us another hour or so of sleep. It's not terrible. But, it's not great, either. Naps have still been easy and consistant, except for a couple times recently when one or both of the girls have decided not to take a second nap. I'm curious when they will make the switch to only one nap, instad of two. It's hard to imagine that will happen unless they start waking up later in the morning. 

Boat rides are fun.

Rubbing her sister's hair.


Maya. (And the seahorse, aka worm, which she can turn on and off by herself now!)

Howdy, partner.

Looking at a favorite book together.

Maya invented a funny game this week. When we are nursing, she will pretend that she is "all done". She waves her hands (the sign for "all done") and pulls my shirt down. I respond by saying, "Okay, all done!", to which she grins and signs "more" and "nurse". I pretend to be surprised and let her nurse more, and this goes on over and over again. Ella has started doing it, too. They both think it's pretty funny to "trick" me.

My little munchkin.


Ella in her stripes.

She can get down from this chair by herself, but sometimes, she doesn't want to.

We had a cute little photo shoot one afternoon.


Holding hands.

Practicing their dance moves.

Maya really likes holding hands.


And lastly, but not surprisingly, one of the main highlights of this week continued to be playing outside in the snow.

"I'm outside! Yay!"

"Can we climb on it? Can we push it?  Can we eat it?"

Trudging around in the snow.

Sitting. It's a lot of work to get up once you're down.

My sweet husband.



We made some hand prints.

Sled ride! 

Adventures in the snow.

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