Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 78 (1/30-2/5)

78 weeks old!

Ella learned how to say her name this week. She says it very quietly and with an emphasis on the "la" part. Maya sometimes tries to say her name, but mostly just smiles shyly when you ask her.

The girls got to see their Grandma Kathy twice this week! She came over on Wednesday to play while Brett and I went out together for a few hours. On Sunday, she came back for another visit with her friend Sandy.

Drawing on the dry erase board.

Grandma had a pocket in her shirt. It was amazing how many toys Maya was able to fit in there!

Not full yet!

Sandy brought Maya and Ella presents! The girls had fun playing with the gift boxes with Sandy and Kathy.  The clothes she got them have become favorite choices when getting dressed.

Taking a pretend nap.

Ella signs "sleep".

Grandma is fun to climb on.

Thursday was a productive day! Guy came over and he and Brett loaded up Guy's truck with the pieces of asphalt we dug up from our yard months ago. Three loads later and it was all gone! After that, they tackled the stove.  A while back we picked up a free stove listed on Craigslist, but it sat in the carport until now.  Our old stove worked alright, but it is huge and it was time to make a change.  They got the old stove out, the new stove in, and even got it all hooked up (after two trips to the hardware store). Yay! 

Out with the old...
Lunch was moved into the middle room so that Maya and Ella could watch the excitement.

...And in with the new!

Saturday we spent at the Holyoke Children's Museum. We met up with Benita, Sam, Avery, and Jonah, plus Chris, Kelly, Evelyn, and Olivia!  It was the first time we'd all been together in a while, and it was fun.  Maya and Ella got pretty tired after the couple hours we were there.  We ate a picnic snack/lunch upstairs before heading home.  While we were at the museum, the girls had a blast exploring parts of it, but we definitely didn't see it all. We'll have to go back sometime.

Chris spots Maya as she climbs up the mail slide.

Olivia and Ella.

Maya (and this big dog) wanted a ride in the wheel chair.

Checking out the inside of the ambulance.

Serious driver.

Maya made sure to buckle herself in first.

Ella, Maya, Evelyn and Olivia.

The 3-story climbing structure was fun.

Maya, taking a break from climbing.

Looking down from the top.

It was a really cool moment when all twelve of us arrived from different directions on the top level together!

Jonah and Sam.

Ella observing others.

Chris with his girls.

Family shot -- thanks to Benita for taking it!

Maya had a runny nose for some of the week, but it never progressed into anything more than that, and Ella didn't seem to catch whatever Maya had. With all the sicknesses going around right now, we feel lucky that the girls haven't had many bad colds or other illnesses. 

Here are some extra pictures!

Ella, doing some reading.

Maya, calling up Uncle Guy.

What could be better than sitting on Rody? Sitting on Rody in the laundry basket, of course!

Sometimes books get ripped, so we tape them back together.

Even when the papaya isn't as ripe as it could be, it's still pretty good.

On the last day of the month it was our friend Max's 1st birthday. Maya and Ella (with a little help from me) wrote this note for him.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where we are right now.

I took a little video of Maya and Ella playing this morning. I think it paints a good picture of where the girls are right now developmentally. They are getting better at playing together and becoming more aware of their needs. I think it's wonderful (and amazing) that they are starting to take themselves to the potty when they have to go.  

Also, putting things on chairs and pushing them from room to room occupies a lot of their time these days.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 77 (1/23-1/29)

77 weeks old!

It seems that we have entered a new era: Maya has figured out that if she moves her chair over to the counter, she can get at the snacks by herself. And while her sister is busy climbing on the counters, Ella has been experimenting with temper tantrums.

"Tantrum" may not be quite the right word, but she has been getting extremely whiny and demanding at times. She gets so worked up, crying and repeating "Up!" over and over again. This behavior has been particularly prominent when she seems to be trying unsuccessfully to communicate something to us (a desire? a need? an observation?). It's sad and frustrating for us, too, but it all seems to pass pretty quickly if we can distract her. I think when she learns how to say more words, things will get easier.

It was decided (and by decided, I mean insisted upon) that Rody (the red bouncy horse sitting in my chair) was hungry, too. Therefore, he had to sit at the table for lunch.

I got my hair cut! It hasn't been this short in many years. I'm really happy with the way it looks and the babies are getting used to it. At first, they kept pointing to my head, as if to say, "Mama, where did all your hair go!?" I am happy to say that no one has pulled my hair since I got it cut.

First picture of my new haircut.

I brought the futon into the living room this week. It was mainly for me, because I was tired of sitting on the floor while playing with Maya and Ella. Turns out, a bed in the living room is a lot of fun to play on. In this picture, Maya, Ella and Rody are taking a (pretend) nap. Pretend naps have been fun for the girls in their beds for a while--they never seem to tire of it, while we narrate: "Ella's sleeping. Oh!  She's awake!  And now she's napping again.  Wait! She's not sleeping, she's awake!"

Ella didn't want to take a nap on Friday morning, so we made an apple pie instead.

Playing peek-a-boo with Uncle Guy.

 Family grocery shopping trip at the co-op.

 At the farmer's market with Dada.

We brought the dry erase board easel back upstairs this week and the girls have been going to town drawing on it. They have also been pretty good about not drawing on anything else. They ask us to draw a doggie, a bike, and write out the words Grandma, Papa, Mama, Dada, Guy, Maya, and Ella. Brett and I do get tired of drawing doggies every time they draw, but it's fun to see them filling up the board with lines and squiggles.

Some post-dinner drawing.

Maya is very serious about her art.

We had a nice visit with Spartan, Hannah, and Max on Sunday. We went up around lunch time and stayed for a couple hours. Maya and Ella had fun playing with Max's toys and we got to catch up with our friends. Max is several months younger but up and walking now, so the developmental differences between Max and our girls are becoming pretty minor. Pretty soon, they'll just be three kids running around!

The babies on the chair go round and round, round and round, round and round. The babies on the chair go round and round, all day long.

I just love this picture of Spartan and Max.

Max following Maya.

Trying out Max's rocking chair.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 76 (1/16-1/22)

76 weeks old!

I turned 31 years old on Monday. Brett and I baked my birthday cake while the girls took their morning nap. We made a carrot-coconut-pineapple cake, with delicious cream cheese frosting. All four of us shared two big pieces (and they sang, "Happy Birthday" to me) before lunch. I wasn't feeling great (the start of a cold) most of my birthday, but it still was a very nice day.

Excitedly watching me frost the cake.

Maya wants to eat the whole cake.


A birthday present for me from Kathy. Maya's eyes lit up when she saw that it was boots that I was unwrapping. She tried them on before I did. They were a little big for her. They fit me perfectly!

On Thursday, while playing in the living room with Maya and Ella, I witnessed the sweetest thing. Ella had climbed up onto one of the chairs at the table, but now wanted to get down. She can do this on her own, but often asks for "help" as she did this time, by putting one hand on the other and using the sign. As I watched from the couch, Maya walked over to her sister, took her hand and stood there while Ella used her support to slowly scoot herself down from the chair. It was such a sweet moment and I imagine a little glimpse of many more to come in the months ahead. 

My little rocking-boaters.

Maya balances in the back of the boat, with the help of her sister's shoulder. Bananas make the boat ride even better!

Look, no hands!

Whoa, stop rockin' the boat!

Maya's turn to be the captain.

Here are two cute videos of Maya with Dada.

Up to the ceiling is a fun game that they play a lot.


Kathy came for a visit and brought with her Maya's hat with a new pom-pom sewed on the top. Ella had pulled off the pom-pom in the car one day and ever since then, Maya had been disappointed (to say the least) whenever she went to the hat basket to pick out her favorite hat.

"Yay! My hat is fixed!"

Happy to see Grandma.

So excited!

A quiet close up.

Here are a few extra pictures from the week.

The snow in the bowl has been such a hit. We even tried it in the bath. It worked great until the bowl sunk and the snow disappeared. 

Ella and her books. Step 1: choose book from shelf and bring it over to stool. Step 2: climb onto stool, with book. Step 3: flip through book and giggle to self. Step 4: toss book on floor. Step 5: repeat.

Maya, asking for help ("oof!") taking her shoe off, so she can wear her boots instead.  

"Bye-bye, school bus!"