Saturday, March 2, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 75 (1/9-1/15)

75 weeks old!

This was another full week of play, rest, and everything in between. Our HooteNanny singing class started up again on Wednesday! Maya and Ella were very excited to go. When Katryna picked up her guitar and began the, "Good morning, sunshine" song, they both watched with open mouths, which quickly turned into huge smiles.

Excited to be at HooteNanny!

Another musical accomplishment: Maya learned how to play the harmonica! She's a little embarrassed/shy when she plays still, so this isn't a very long video.

We took a few other videos this week.

Popcorn has been a favorite snack lately. 

When the popcorn is right there, and someone is willing to feed you, why wait to eat until you're done?

Putting on boots.

Coloring with crayons.

We got outside to play in the snow some more this week and also took a few trips out in the world. Brett and the girls went grocery shopping and he also brought them over to visit Guy. I took them to the library and we each did a stroller walk or two. 

I've realized that going out alone with both girls is only really difficult at a few key moments. Namely, the going and the returning. It's just plain hard (and takes a long time) to get everyone dressed and ready to go. Also, they are heavy. So, for example, say Maya doesn't want to leave the library, but it's time to go. And then imagine that Ella is tired (hence the time to go part) and starts to cry and take off her shoes and jacket when I put her down. By the time I have caught Maya and brought her back to the pile of clothes on the floor where Ella was, I have just enough energy left to scoop both girls up and carry them as quickly as I can out of the library. It's exhausting! I try not to let thoughts of this deter me from taking them places. It's helpful to remember to leave myself a lot of time. 

Almost spring time?

Gloves on!

Gloves off!

Getting out for a walk.

Just hanging out at Uncle Guy's house.

Maya liked watching this older boy at the library.

These Legos were a lot of fun.

Dolls. Maya and Ella like baby dolls. It's cute to see them "rock" the babies in their arms and carry them around. They have recently really enjoyed playing a game where they get the dolls ready for bed and then tuck them in. It's kind of the most adorable thing ever.

Bed on the floor all made up for the dolls. (Maya is just testing it out.)

Maya tucks in her doll. Ella makes sure her doll's pacifier works.

Baby is all tucked in and is sleeping according to Maya (who is signing 'sleep').

Ella is sleeping, too.

Friday evening, Brett and I went out to see a Cheryl Wheeler concert at the Iron Horse. Kathy came over to watch Maya and Ella. About an hour before we were planning to head out for the evening, I realized that Ella was running a low grade temperature. She was also acting very clingy and clearly wasn't feeling well. When Kathy arrived we decided to still go ahead and go out, even though Ella wasn't well. I worried a lot until I got a reassuring text saying that they both went to bed with no problems. Apparently Maya was super helpful with getting bedtime clothes together and Ella was cuddly and (though still running a temperature) in a good mood.

The concert was great (as was getting to see Steech!) and we feel so thankful that Kathy was able to stay with the girls.

The next morning. Ella and Dada cuddled up in bed.

Homemade carrot juice. Yum.

Ella knows just what to do when she's not feeling well.

Watching Dada haul away a bunch of junk to the dump! By Saturday afternoon, Ella was feeling better and we feel lucky that no one else got sick.  Maybe it was all the carrot juice we drank?

Tickle, tickle, tickle.

Feeding doggies popcorn.

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