Monday, July 1, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 83 (3/6-3/12)

83 weeks old!

Brett and I both came down with a cold this week. It wasn't surprising we got sick with all the traveling and lack of sleep. It was mostly just a head cold, with lots of congestion and general feelings of yuckiness. We tried to switch off and take turns with the girls while the other got as much rest as possible. It's no fun feeling sick.

Even with a cold we still have to eat. Here we are making pie.

Maya and Ella are good helpers.

On Wednesday, I took the girls out to the co-op to get a few groceries while Brett rested at home. I had a whole shopping list, but we ended up only getting yogurt, flour and a blueberry bagel to split on the way home. It was NOT a fun trip. Maya and Ella were tired and I wasn't feeling well. They REALLY wanted to push their own small shopping carts and I made the mistake of letting them. They wouldn't listen to directions, and there was crying, pushing, and running into things with the carts. I had to leave the little carts in the middle of the store and carry the girls to the checkout. Don't go shopping with both babies when we're all tired. Lesson learned.

A much more enjoyable time was a morning spent at the Parent's Center a couple days later.

We were one of the first families to arrive, so there were lots of bikes to choose from.

Playing with the dolls and strollers.

Snack time.

I love hearing the girls talk. They don't say too many words yet, but the ones they do say are so cute.

Just hanging out eating popcorn and strawberries. I sound so congested in this video.

"Bye" is the newest word of the week. At the end of the "Fruit train" video that we sometimes watch, the kid narrating says, "Bye, yummy fruit train! See you later!" The girls said "Bye" for the first time while waving at the end of that video. "Belly button" is also a new word. The say, "Butto".

Start them young.

Helping wash the dishes is a new fun activity.

This tag-sale boat still gets daily use.

I'm still enjoying my weekly cooking class on Thursday. It's a nice break and I'm learning how to make lots of new meals!

We dealt with a ceiling leak in our second floor apartment in Springfield this week. Our new tenants just moved in this month and we had a few days of calm before getting a call about the leak. Brett met a plumber there and it was fortunately a fairly simple fix. We went back a few other times over the week to repair the ceiling.

The girls splash and stomp in the puddles at the Springfield house.

A trip to Savers after we were done at the house. (We didn't end up getting this huge stuffed dog, but he had a fun ride around the store in the cart.)

There is still a bunch of snow on the ground and Maya and Ella still enjoy playing in it. Here are a few photos of fun outside and a walk with Selena.

Taking a rest in the snow.


Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Up the stairs.

A walk around the block with Selena!

Lucky girls get to push the stroller while being carried. We don't do this often because it's a lot of work for the grown-ups! This stroller is a "new" one that we were given while we were in the parking lot of Savers in West Springfield.  A woman was planning to donate it, but they don't take strollers for donations there, and then she saw the girls.  She asked us if we wanted it.  We just lucked into a nice new stroller!

Splash! Splash! Splash!


So cute!

Making mini snowmen.

Later in the week we visited with Brett's parents in Leyden. There was a lot more playing outside to do there, too!

A treat of raspberries before we head outside to play.

I love this picture. 

Walking in opposite directions.

Pointing to Mama.

Making their way to the slides.


Ella decides to join her sister.

Oops? Or maybe this was on purpose.

Sliding down backwards.

Someone fell down in the mud.

Family picture!

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  1. As usual, so many things to love about this blog. Craig and I laughed out loud watching the videos.

    Brett, don't those vehicles at the Parents Center look lot like the ELF?