Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 88 (4/10-4/16)

88 weeks old!

The daffodils are open! It is officially Spring now. Saturday afternoon we did a little photo shoot at Smith College in the daffodil patch. When we got home, I poked through some older photos and found a couple from a year ago for comparison. In the two pictures below, Maya and Ella were 8 months old!

Look how little they were! 
(Ella is on the left and Maya is on the right.)

And another in their tiny hats.
(Maya is on the left and Ella is on the right)

And back to the present, here are the girls walking through Smith College to get to the daffodil hill.


They smell nice!

With Dada.

Yay! We got everyone to look at the camera!

An artistic shot that I really like.

Together in the flower patch.

Me and Maya.

Ella spent a lot of time picking the tiny yellow flowers that were all over the ground, and putting them carefully into her pockets.

We found a bench!

Playing while I wander around taking pictures.

My last cooking class was on Thursday. We celebrated by making a cake. I really enjoyed the class and am going miss the time spent there every week.

 Cheese cake!

While I was at my class on Thursday, Kathy came down to spend some time with the girls. Here they are driving her car.

Grandma's glasses.

 Cleaning up the kitchen.

On Sunday, I went to a free toy & clothing swap in Easthampton. I took Maya and Ella with me and we had fun giving away a few toys and picking out some new things.  This swap was organized by one of the moms in a group I am part of and she had a great turnout! Everything was free and all the leftovers were taken to a thrift store. Such a great idea!

There was lots of stuff to look through! We picked out a few clothes and a bunch of fun toys. We also got rid of a few toys the girls no longer play with.

Maya spent a long time playing with this elephant toy that blows air out of its trunk and makes noises. We didn't take this one home.

This was how Ella spent most of her time at the Swap: eating blueberry muffins on the tractor. We took the tractor home, along with a few blueberry muffins for the car ride.

Other fun stuff this week included a short morning trip to the farm, turning and planting the garden, and a visit from Selena. Both girls learned the word, 'cool' and Ella went poop on the potty all on her own without telling anyone she had to go.

Maya also made her first two-word spoken sentence on Thursday! We had made blueberry muffins for breakfast and that was what prompted it. She came running back into the kitchen as I was taking the rest of the muffins out of the tins. "More! More!", she said. When I tried to give her a muffin, she held up two fingers with a very offended look on her face. When I questioned her reason for wanting TWO more muffins instead of just one, she explained, "More Dada!" I gave them to her and she happily ran back to the table, two muffins in hand. Sure enough, one was handed over to a very thankful Dada.

Watching the big horse eat.

The babies!

Planting seeds to start in our cold frame!

Turning the garden together.

Selena reading to the girls.


Just hanging out in the living room with Baa-baa and the marbles.

Baa-baa gets thirsty sometimes.

Maya and Ella have been experimenting with feeding each other.

Playing "Boo!" is still a very fun game.


  1. Two great posts in quick succession. Those girls are growing fast!

  2. P.S. I especially love the Ella feeding Maya video. Sweet and funny!