Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 89 (4/17-4/23)

89 weeks old!

Our early mornings continue, with 5:30 being Maya's normal waking time. Ella, I am pretty sure, would continue to sleep until a much more reasonable hour if she did not get woken by her sister most days. We've been trying a new thing were we walk Maya back to her bed if it's still early and tell her it's not time to get up yet. She doesn't seem to be able to get back to sleep, though, and there has been a lot of fussing/crying, and yelling for Mama. It's not fun.

In our ever-changing sleep set up, both girls started out the week sharing a single futon...

...which turned into this much more roomy queen futon mattress that I found on Craigslist and picked up in Amherst one evening later in the week. It's very comfy.

But not as comfy as our bed! Here is Ella, taking a morning snooze in our bed, after the rest of us have gotten up for the day.

 Sweet sleeping Maya, please try to keep your eyes closed just a little longer in the mornings.

Maya and I had already been up for a while at this point.

Words seem to have exploded! Just to name a few, 'knee', 'hair' and 'please', were among the new ones learned this week.

Brett and I have spent a lot of time this week being excited about the possibility of (and going over the logistics of) buying another house! It's a two-family in our same neighborhood, just around the block on Willow Street. I have always liked the look of the house and we are so excited about the property because it has more of a back yard and RIVER ACCESS! We're still in the beginning stages, so nothing is for sure, but we are very actively hoping and working to get it!

A front view of our hopefully soon-to-be new house!

We had a couple outings with the girls this week. Brett took them to a tag sale and then to the farm one day.  We went to the park, and I also took them to the Parents Center. We went all together to an open house (just to be snoopy and peek inside) in our neighborhood, Selena came over to visit one afternoon, and of course we spent a lot of time outside around our own house just playing.

The tag sale that Brett and the girls went to was at the school near the barnyard. Brett parked at the farm, and they walked over to the tag sale first. It took a long time, because Ella had to point to every worm she saw on the ground, and there were many because it rained this week.

Saying 'hi' to the sheep and holding their new stuffed animals from the tag sale.

A stroll to the park. Ella enjoys wearing my hat.


Playing at the Parents Center.

Maya really enjoyed this rice table for the first time. Usually the girls spend most of their time on the riding toys.

Our garlic is growing!

So is our rhubarb!

Ella checks on the baby plants.

A picnic of popcorn in the backyard.

The tractor is standing on its head!

Ella is standing on her head!

Maya joins in the fun.

Maya scoots to the end of the driveway to say 'hello' to our neighbor Liz and Oliver the dog.

Playing in our car has quickly become a favorite activity. We listen to CDs, push the buttons and turn the knobs and the girls take turns driving. We also check the glove box for treats because sometimes there are LARABARs in there!

Playing in the car.

Ella, especially, is very fond of this new activity. When it's not a good time to play in the car, she is not usually easily convinced to do something else.

Brett is such a good dad.  He is so sweet with our daughters. I love that he is very involved in their lives and shares many of our daily rhythms with us. Even though he also works quite a bit throughout the week we manage to spend much of our time sharing parenting responsibilities. He is so silly with girls, while also being a kind, caring and solid presence in their lives. I couldn't ask for a better partner.

Brett adores his daughters.

You can tell from the way that Ella is looking at her Dada in this picture that the feeling is mutual.

We've been playing Boo! a bunch recently.  One day this week while eating soybeans, one of the delicious green morsels popped out its shell and Maya exclaimed, "Boo!". This has become a fun joke for all of us when shelling soybeans.

We are working on buckles. Maya and Ella can pretty much do up their own buckles in the swings and stroller now! For better or worse, the buckles are harder to undo.

Fun drawing with chalk in the driveway.

Our masterpiece.

Something about spinning is apparently lots of fun.

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  1. Craig and I are still laughing at the tractor and the girls all standing on their heads!