Monday, July 22, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 90 (4/24-4/30)

90 weeks old!

Sleep during the first half of this week was just horrible. On Wednesday night, at bedtime, we must have walked the girls back into their room a million times. If it were just me in doing this alone, I would have given up at about half a million. It was such a draining and upsetting experience. For the last 20 minutes or so, I had to go in the other room while Brett stuck it out until they eventually both fell asleep. It started out as a funny game (to the girls) for them to dash out of their room and for us to put them back. But eventually, that wasn't fun anymore for any of us, and there was a lot of crying. We tried closing the door, but Maya got so upset that I didn't feel it was an okay option.

Fortunately, that was the worst night, and as the week progressed, things did get easier. We tried our best to stay consistent and with one of us sitting outside their room, (telling them to go back to their pillow, or putting them back if they started walking out of the room) getting them to sleep at nap/bedtime has started to take about 15-20 minutes. Not great, but much better than it was! Whew. We didn't know how easy we had it with the pack 'n plays, until they were no longer an option.

Oh, sleep.

Marbles continue to be a popular activity. We fill up cups, boxes and other containers. We dump them out. We fill them again. We look at the different colors of the marbles. We sort them by color and by size. We put them away when some of us start pushing them around and onto the floor. For the most part, lots of fun! 

Sitting on marbles is of of Ella's favorite things to do with them.

Collecting marbles.


Dump them out!

Intently filling the pill container with marbles.

Grandma Kathy joins in the marble play.

I don't remember what it was that arrived in the mail, but we had a lot of fun with the box!

We had few outings this week. On Thursday, I took the girls out to Cup and Top to play. Friday morning we went to the farm and afterwards met up with Brett at the DPW just as he was finishing his Pedal People route, so that we could pick out a free tree together (they give them out every year on Arbor Day)!

Also, one afternoon, we all went grocery shopping together and then to a thrift store. And we even took a bike ride (Evan spontaneously came with us!) just for fun which ended up at the playgrounds at Look Park.

Eating and talking at the cafe.

A walk to the park resulted in a loss of a shoe along the way. The shoe was found on our walk home (resulting in many happy shrieks) right were someone had dropped it! 

In the grocery store parking lot.

Maya and Ella's favorite part about the thrift store was the flowers to pick outside.

Reading their new books while we walk home from the library.

Also on our walk home from the library, we stopped to watch this fascinating dump truck!

My Saturday tag-sale-find/gift-to-myself! These copper measuring cups were $5.00. I don't usually find things for myself at tag sales; almost always it's fun toys for the babies (which I'll admit, I DO sort of think of as a gift to myself because I also get to play with them).

Evan and Brett chat as the girls swing at Look Park.  You can tell by the shadows that it was getting late, but we didn't seem to figure that out until we were actually leaving and realized that dinner and bedtime would have to be adjusted a bit!

On Sunday, I took the girls to play at the Montessori playground. It's open to the public to use when there's no school. It's a really fun place to spend some time.

They LOVED this slide!

Going for a ride on the fire truck in the sandbox.

It's good to have a sister for times like this.

Around the house, our garden continues to grow. The lilac buses are really starting to bud out and the days have been so warm and lovely. We spent a bunch of time outside, doing a little gardening here and there and just playing in the sunshine.

Inside the house, Ella moves some furniture around. (Dada helped on the other end.)

Selena and Maya push Ella on the trike.

Playing outside in the water on a warm day. Oops, missed the bucket, try again! 

Beautiful blooming Bloodroot in the back yard this week!

Are they big yet?

Ella waters the garlic.

Maya and Dada take a turn together.

A happy picture of Ella.

Maya with bells on her ankles.


How Maya eats soybeans.

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