Friday, July 26, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 92 (5/8-5/14)

92 weeks old!

Maya and Ella have been asking to go to the park a lot lately. They can say the word "park" and also mimic the swinging motion with their entire body to let us know what they mean.

Maya gives her sister a push on the swing, and then quickly gets out of the way!

Three on the swings.

I have been trying to teach the girls how to blow the dandelion fluff. They usually end up holding it too close to their mouth and most of it ends up on their tongues.

I helped.

Pushes for Maya (while she thinks about blowing on the dandelion).

Ella requests a "big push!"

This was a failed attempt at a family picture.

Failed attempt #2. And then we gave up and went home. Maybe we can photoshop the two pictures together one day?

After we got back from the park, Craig came over for a few hours to watch the girls. Here they are heading inside to make popcorn, a favorite thing to do when Craig is here.

Besides the park, we also went to the farm, to Cup and Top, and out to (a very early) breakfast for Mother's Day at the little cafe near our house. It seems like we do a lot when I list all the outings in these posts. That's reassuring, because sometimes it feels to me like all we do is hang around the house, eat, and play with toys.

Ella watching the big horses.

They eat so much hay!

A pretty tree at the barnyard.

Our breakfast out in the early morning for Mother's Day. It didn't start off as the greatest morning (can you call 4 a.m. morning?) but things improved once we all decided to embrace the day and give up our dreams of going back to sleep.

We rode our bike to breakfast.

Maya and I went out together one afternoon to run a few errands. We stopped at the little consignment shop in Florence. Maya gravitated to the shoes. We didn't buy any of them, but we did get a purple hat that she picked out.

Sometimes we like to stop and throw rocks into the stream when we go for walks around the block.

Eating noodles at Cup and Top.

As we were leaving, we met the friendliest dog ever!

Around the house there was lots of gardening to get done. I moved a lot of flowers around in the back yard, we spread some grass seed, did a little weeding, and a lot of watering.

Maya takes a turn with the digging, wearing her new hat.

The backyard this week.

Getting water from the rain barrel.

Front yard violets.

My lovely white lilacs.

The lilies are coming up!

All that gardening is just exhausting.

Other fun stuff this week included a bunch of awesome tag sale finds (including a second rain barrel!), dinner with Guy, our home inspection of the Willow Street property, and a nice morning spent with Selena.

Watching Dada cook and me take pictures. Guy brought the corn for dinner. We were all very excited to eat it. Ever since this evening, whenever Maya or Ella pick up their toy phone to "call" Uncle Guy, it's to tell him to "bring corn". 

A little bouncing before dinner.

Maya looks adorable with her hair up in a ponytail.

As beautiful as ever with her hair pulled back and food on her face.

Selena is such a good person to cuddle up next to and read books with.

Practicing her juggling.

Maya and Pinky Dog take a ride on the Likeabike.

Of course, we played in the car.

Brett took a few really nice pictures of me with the girls this week.


Maya and me.

I love these two so much!

One of our favorite books.

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