Saturday, September 14, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 97 (6/12-6/18)

97 weeks old!

We started this week off by getting sick. Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease is another illness we can now check off the, "already had" list. We took Ella to the doctor on Wednesday evening because she had been crying whenever she ate anything and was telling us that her mouth hurt. She didn't even want strawberries because she would burst into tears when she took a bite and said that they "hurt" her mouth. Sure enough, as soon as the doctor looked at her throat, she knew what Ella had and said it was no wonder it was painful for her to eat! She had little sores all over her throat.

The next couple of days were pretty miserable. Maya got the fever and then the sore throat and then Brett started to feel sick. Maya and Ella never got the blisters on their hands and feet, but both had the sore throat and fevers for a few days. Brett said it was one of the worst sore throats he's ever had and he pretty much never left the couch all day on Thursday. I waited until later in the week, once everyone else was feeling better, to get sick.

My poor sick ones.

I went out to pick up some miso soup and this is what I came home to find. Everyone just fell asleep.

Close-up of Maya and Ella all snuggled up together.

Poor Brett. He was so miserable.

Feeling a little bit better, eating cheese and watching a video.

So the sickness was the dark part of the week, but one of the brightest spots happened one day while the girls were in their beds and I was singing to them to sleep for a nap.  Ella was playing with her toes, quietly talking to herself.  She was playing "this little piggy" to herself, over and over! It was the most adorable thing.

Despite everyone not feeling totally well, we decided to still go to the Clearwater Festival for the weekend. Brett and I packed everything into the car on Friday and we made it to Croton-on-Hudson around 8pm that evening, only slightly later than we'd hoped for, but already an hour later than the girls' usual bedtime. We set up the tent and were all in bed by 9pm.

Ella was so happy to get out of her car seat and climbed right into the driver's seat once we arrived.

Maya and the doggies helped set up the tent. 

So exciting!


Our camp the next morning.

Eating some breakfast.

We tried to go back to the tent for naps. It was difficult to keep cool enough, though. This nap only lasted about half an hour because it just got too warm and the girls woke up.

I didn't do much juggling this weekend. Brett got to do some, but not quite as much as he'd wanted. We took turns with the girls while the other spent time at the juggling area, and a few times we were all there together playing. It was very wet at the festival this year, especially where the juggling area was set up, so it wasn't the greatest place to hang out with Maya and Ella. There was a lot of mud all around and pushing the stroller was a lot of work. We had fun at the playground fairly close to the juggling area, we had a few good meals and a few not so good ones, listened to a little music, and, for the most part, had a good time.

We had fun at the beach for a while on Sunday. I tried to watch them there on my own, but ended up calling Brett to join us because it was too difficult to keep them safe. Ella kept running into the water on her own while Maya really wanted me to stay and dig in the sand with her. 

This is Ella signing "more". She really wanted to run into the water more, but I told her she had to wait until Dada got there. It was a long ten minutes.  

Once Brett got to the beach, things were more fun. I got to swim with Ella, and Maya showed off her balancing skills.

Our family at the festival.

How wet was it? It was so wet that the ducks were swimming in the grass...

Happy Dada Day!

Their naps in the tent were shorter than usual, so there was some napping in the stroller.

I really should have gotten two strawberry popsicles. Oh well, live and learn.

Brett in the blue shirt holding both girls while they listen to Bill Staines' "River".

Watching Pete Seeger sing.

In the food tent, our fellow juggler Nate the Great tries to entertain two very tired children. It was a tough crowd.

They did enjoy the pretzels, though.


This photo of Ella pretty much sums up how tired we all were by the end of the weekend.

Sound asleep at the juggling area for nap-time on Sunday.

The amazing Pete Seeger.  This song is one of our go-to songs that Maya and Ella love, so it was extra sweet to see Pete sing it. 

Maya and Ella both slept well Saturday night and again all night Sunday when we were back home in our own beds. Even though we were exhausted from our weekend adventure, we hosted two bike travelers Monday night through Warm Showers. They were near the start of a cross-country trip, and we were happy to help in what way we could.  Brett and the girls made strawberry pancakes for breakfast.

Maya and Ella watch our guests leave on their bikes.

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