Monday, October 21, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 98 (6/19-6/25)

98 weeks old!

This week, Ella learned how to bug her sister. Pretty much all she had to do was touch her. This is how it goes: Ella will reach her hand over, ever so slowly, and barely touch her sister's hair, shoulder, nose, anything - doesn't really matter. Cue Maya's immediate turn away, accompanied by a very whiny sounding, "No thanks!" Cue Ella's smirk. Repeat.

They may bother one another sometimes, but Maya and Ella really are best friends.

Another new thing this week is the girls have started walking up and down the back steps without holding on to the railing! They are getting really good at it, but my heart still skips a beat when I watch them do it. Maya also picked out and put on her shirt all by herself when we were getting ready for bed on Friday.  They have known how to get pants on for a while now, but I think this was one of the first fully unassisted shirt accomplishments.

We did a lot this week. I also took a lot of pictures!

Starting the week of right - I picked strawberries again!

We had some beautiful days outside.

Here is Ella giving our plants some water.

Of course, Maya did some watering, too.

On Thursday afternoon, while Brett was busy, the girls and I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Leyden. 

After playing on the slides for a long time, we took a walk down to the river. I love this photo of Ella with her Grandpa Craig.

It was lots of fun to dig in the sand and make "soup".

Grandparents with grandkids.

On Tuesday, while Brett was doing his Pedal People route, Maya, Ella and I went together to vote in the election.

After the voting, we went to visit the animals at the farm. There happened to be some other little kids we knew there!

Watching the sheep.

There were some great playground times this week. We discovered that the Safety Village playground in Florence has a great play structure. The slides are fast, but not so much that the girls fall off at the end, and there are also swings there!

Maya, about to go down the tube slide!

So happy!

Ella's turn!

Down another slide.

Playgrounds are the best.

On Saturday, we went to Look Park to meet up with the group of kids who are all around the same age as Maya and Ella, for the annual picnic. Look Park is large and we didn't end up in the right spot, so we never actually met up with the group. But, we had some fun anyway. There were so many people at the park, and so many other children on the play structures, so I had a hard time not being too overwhelmed trying to keep track of both girls. Brett was helpful, but busy playgrounds still just make me nervous.

Walking over a bridge at Look Park, in search of the picnic spot.

We ended up at the slides instead.

Maya climbed up really high.

Taking a break.

After the playground, we walked over to the splash pad.

A sweet picture of the girls with their Dada. There were too many kids running around for Maya and Ella to feel comfortable on their own in the splash pad. They were also pretty nervous about the water fountains.

On Sunday, Spartan, Hannah and Max came for a visit!

We went swimming. Spartan took pictures.

This is a ridiculous photo, but I love it.

Brett took the girls on a couple adventures without me this week. I am always thankful to have the time to be by myself for a little bit. And I love hearing about when they did when everyone comes home.

My cool thrift store find this week. 

Maya, trying to convince Ella to share some of her snack, while at the park with Dada.

Helping cut up potatoes for breakfast.

Maya's turn.

And here are a couple extra cute pictures to enjoy!

Playing a game together.

Ella, wearing her Uncles Guy's hat and looking adorable.

This one loves her pacifiers.

Ella with her necklace and scraped knee, going for a ride on the tractor.

Fun with hair ties.

Maya with Pinky Dog and pacifier, standing on boxes and signing 'nurse'.

Ah, asleep.

Something was funny.

Learning that you can't always get your sister to eat your food when you want her to.