Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 99 (6/26-7/2)

99 weeks old!

I know this blog is mostly about Maya and Ella, but I'm starting this week off with a series of photos of my garden. I think this is one of the most beautiful times of year and I have so many lovely pictures of plants that are blossoming right now. I feel so happy when I'm out in the garden surrounded by all my flowers.

 Echinacea starting to open.

Day lilies.

 They're ripe!


 Black-eyed Susans.


The front garden.

Canada lily!

I dug this lily up a few years ago, from plants by the side of a back road in Worthington. Since then, it has multiplied and I look forward to the blooms every year.

Top view.

More lilies on their way!

Okay, so a few photos of the girls snuck in with the flowers.

An early morning walk around the house to pick some peas and smell the flowers.

Sleep has been up and down. We've been closing the door to the girls' room for naps and at night, so that we don't have to deal with them running out while we're trying to get them to go to sleep. One of us, lately it's been mostly Brett, has been sitting with them and singing until they fall asleep.

All week long, both girls have stayed dry for naps and night-time sleep, using the potty when they wake up!

Morning snuggling in our bed sometimes result in everyone falling back asleep, except me. Somehow, I managed to extract myself from between those two!

Maya consistently wakes up earlier than her sister. After cuddling in bed with me for half an hour, she's usually ready to start the day. What does she want to do once we're up? She'll excitedly say, "Mama cook help!" This means that she wants to cook breakfast with me. "What do you want to help cook for breakfast?" I will ask her.  On Monday, her answer was, "Muff! Boo-ber!" It's hard to be in a grumpy mood about being up so early when you're with such a happy, excited, little person, who loves to cook breakfast with you!

Early morning blueberry muffins, made by Maya.

Speaking of blueberries, we found this bag of berries tucked deep inside the chest freezer this week!

The girls are getting easier to be around, while also getting things accomplished during the day. They have been playing with each other more often, for longer stretches of time, without needing one of us to be right there. By longer stretches of time, I mean sometimes 10 or 15 minutes, without having to help resolve a dispute over a toy, or help with something. Not great, but it's a start!

Maya, reading to her sister.

Stay above the "Stop" line while riding bikes in the driveway!

Ready for a wagon ride.

Video time.

Eating black raspberries and swinging while I do some work in the garden.

Ella, at the YMCA playground.

Maya decided to bury herself in the sandbox.

Drawing at the library.

The Lego table is always a big hit when we visit the library, as is the playhouse in the background, as Ella demonstrates.

Maya built a train.

Long video, but fun!

On Saturday, we had some great tag sale finds! We went all together and though the girls got very tired towards the end, we all had fun and found some great things.

Trains and tracks! My turn to play with them, while the girls nap.

I love this toy. I got it for me. I will share with the girls, sometimes.

Fun with a new toy after tag sale-ing.

Sunday was berry picking day! We all went together to pick strawberries. We never know if a family outing will be a good idea. Sometimes it just ends up being a stressful, whiny, tiring affair. This trip turned out to be just the opposite! Everyone was pleasant, helpful and happy the entire time. We picked enough berries to freeze and ate lots, too!

Sitting down in the strawberry patch.

Happy Ella.

Strawberries are better when you share with a friend.

"Here Dada, I found one!"

Lots of berries!

This picture sums up how much fun we had.