Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 101 (7/10-7/16)

101 weeks old!

This was a relaxing week spent mainly playing outside and around the house, with a few trips out in the world. Ella has been slowly getting her 2-year molars, and though it doesn't appear to bother her, sleep has been pretty terrible. Bedtime has been a long drawn-out process, and Maya figured out how to open the bedroom door, so that's new and exciting (and quite unhelpful for nighttime).

Both girls have been saying, "Yeah" a lot when they answer a question. They are also getting good at counting!

Counting raspberries.

Here are some more pictures of all the flowers in bloom in our yard right now. So many changes in a couple weeks!

Echinacea in full bloom.

Bumble bee.

View of the back yard.

So many lilies in bloom!

Pretty flowers in Evan and Marry's front garden.

First sunflower opening out front.


Here are a bunch of pictures of our adventures playing outside this week.

I got this dress at the thrift store. I think it's just so adorable. The girls (though Maya especially) are always excited to try on new clothes that I bring home. 

Picking berries. This happened many times a day.

Picking peas and relaxing in the wagon.

Ella fits so perfectly.

Maya carefully opens the pods.

The ones Ella has look the best.

The slide was a little wet, so Maya dries it off for her sister.

"Those apples look delicious!"

Beautiful Maya.

Ella cools off in the tub on a hot day.

Favorite picture of the week.

And here are a bunch of pictures of what we did inside this week.

Maya brought her baby doll to her bed and tucked her in (with pacifier and doggie of course)...

...then sat down and read her a story.

More story reading.

Some coloring.

Of course, we did a lot of eating. Maya LOVES corn.

Ella is pretty fond of it, too.

Maya and baby using the big potty together.

I went across the street by myself to our garden for a few minutes. It was apparently the worst thing in the world for some people, and Maya and Pink doggie had to wait at the door until I returned with the kale.

Uncle Guy came to visit. He and Ella read some books together. Blueberries for Sal is a current favorite.

While they read books, Maya tried on Guy's shoes.

Brett and I each took the girls on a few outings. I took the girls on a walk, to the park for a picnic, to play at Cup and Top, and to the grocery store. Brett took them on a bike ride and to play in the river at Maines Field.

Fun at the park.

A cute video of Ella on the slide.


Riding in the cool cart at the grocery store! Maya wanted to hold the butter for the entire shopping trip.

Pretend cutting at Cup and Top.

Maya takes a little snooze on our walk while Ella eats her pepper from Cooper's.

She did a good job with it!

Heading out on a bike ride with Dada.

The river!

Into the water.

Being silly after their dip in the river.

Brett and I stayed up one evening and made a few jars of dilly beans!

After watching an adorable video of their cousins singing BINGO and playing guitar, Maya and Ella wanted to make their own version.

Here is the original of Atom and Trillian, with Maya and Ella's response at the end. (Video credit Amber, with thanks to Papa for editing both clips together.)

Baybay & Baybee: Week 100 (7/3-7/9)

100 weeks old! (23 months)

Our big adventure this week was a trip to Cape Cod! We went for the weekend to visit Aunt Anne, with a short stop along the way to see Brett's family at the cottage in Lakeville.  

Maya and Ella with their second cousin, Robbie.

The girls got to meet their Great Aunt Jill for the first time. She gave them the most awesome knitted ball that comes apart. She also made me a knitted octopus (that also comes apart)!

Maya trying to figure out how the toy comes apart.

Ella and Jill play catch.

Ella, being cute on the stairs at the cottage. Both girls loved climbing and playing on the stairs!

Two good travelers, one drawing and one resting, as we cross the Sagamore Bridge onto the Cape. 

It just so happened that our friends Chris, Kelly, Evelyn and Olivia were also on the Cape this weekend. We met up with them at the library in Harwich before heading on to our final destination in Orleans.  It was so great to see all four girls together and chat with our fellow parents-of-twins. Everyone was a little tired, but we all enjoyed the visit, and the girls' good-bye hugs were really precious.


Walking out of the library, holding hands together.

Maya and Evelyn hug goodbye.

Evelyn and Ella's hug/lean.

Our two stops along the way were really nice, but we were happy to be done traveling and make it to Anne's house.  It was wonderful to go to the beach, and especially sentimental for me to take the girls to Skaket, the beach I grew up going to when I was little. It's a great place, and we had a lot fun for a few hours. Even though Skaket is on the Bay side of the Cape, this was the girls' first exposure to the ocean, and they loved it!

Low tide at Skaket!

Maya and her reflection.

One of Maya's favorite things was filling up her bucket and then trying to carry it around.

Ella LOVED the water.


Both girls race toward the water.

We all went swimming. The water was warm and the waves were small, so it was perfect for us. Aunt Anne even gave the girls a floating lesson. (In this picture, Brett is pointing out some people in a raft to Ella.)

Back to playing in the sand for Maya.

Ella joins her sister for some digging.

Breakfast together on the deck at Aunt Anne's house.

While on the Cape, we also got to visit with Aunt Heidi and Uncle Harold. Here Ella shows off her new ball to Heidi.

The girls love to be read to, and Harold and the Purple Crayon has recently become a favorite.

Our second evening there, Harold and Heidi hosted a delicious dinner at their house next door.  Afterwards, we played on their bench swing, and then Harold read a book to us all. Can you guess which one? Harold and the Purple Crayon, of course!

Another meal out on the deck. Who can resist a handful of black raspberries?

We tried our best to create a sleeping arrangement for Ella and Maya as similar as possible to their bed at home. We did pretty well and they slept just as well as they do at home.

After our Skaket Beach adventure (followed by a nap) we got food and had a picnic lunch at the cemetery that were I used to have picnics at when I was little. It was very hot and Maya and Ella were pretty distracted, but was still kinda fun.

Aunt Anne thoughtfully provided a little pool, and Heidi and Harold were kind enough to provide some fun toys to go with it.  Ella and Maya LOVED playing in and around it! Perhaps their favorite part was sitting on the edge to make the water spill out.

Nursing is still a much-loved activity.

Before we left for home at the end of the weekend, we stopped at Nauset Beach on the ocean side. It was very crowded, bright, and the waves were big. Maya and Ella weren't very excited about the whole thing, so we didn't stay long. They slept most of the drive home. I sat squished in the back once they woke up, which wasn't very comfortable for me, but better than the loud alternative.

This was as close to the water (and as far away from us) as either girl would get at Nauset Beach.

So exciting to come home to our raspberry patch! This beautiful photo was taken by Brett, moments after the girls were out of their carseats.

Besides picking and eating lots of raspberries this week, both our own and a few from Nourse Farms, we also took the girls to their first play! It was a production of Little Red Riding Hood by Paintbox Theatre. We had a good time, though we didn't make it through the whole thing. It was pretty clear that they were too antsy to sit through any more after intermission.

Both girls were dry all week for naps AND at night! I think diapers are about to become a thing of the past.

A favorite game the girls made up this week is to pretend that they have an apple. It goes like this: We say, "You're hungry? What would you like to eat?" They say, "Apple!" We offer them a pretend apple. We ask, "What color is it?" They answer with a color. They will also frequently offer us pretend apples, and then we get to pick, or ask the color. It's fun to see how pleased the girls are with this game.

At the play.

Making our way out of the theater, Maya and Brett made it outside first, and took a moment to look back through the window.  Who's that on the other side of the glass?

I took the girls to Nourse Farms to pick raspberries one day.

Maya was so serious about filling up her bucket! Ella just ate most of the once she picked. The few that made it into her bucket got taken out again after a short time, and put in her mouth.

"Look how many I picked!"

More water play, this time back at home.

Look at the pure joy caused by a bowlful of berries!

Water play AND eating berries? Wow!

Maya helps mix ingredients (kale and tofu) for lasagna.


Playing a game together. Purple doggie plays, too.

Maya with Uncle Guy. That's a cucumber end on Maya's forehead, which everyone thought was hilarious.

Grandpa Craig and Maya share a moment on the play structure he brought for them.

Grandma Kathy helps find *more* berries.

Brett pulls a wagon full of girls and watering cans to our garden across the street.

And last but not least, a few videos from this week!

Our first morning at Aunt Anne's house on the Cape. The girls went exploring together.

Ella at the beach.

This was a hilarious game. As well as being kind of frightening for me to watch.