Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 104 (7/31-8/6)

104 weeks old! (24 months)

My babies will be turning two years old next week! It's hard to believe. I love them so much. We are planning a little party to celebrate. I think I'm going to make them peach cupcakes!

Family photo.

Caterpillar, and Maya's foot in the background.

Echinacea and morning glory vine.

Blooms in the backyard.


Maya and Ella got to meet their second cousin Eden on Saturday! We went to Long Pond in Lakeville to spend time with some of Brett's family for the day. Kim, Jon and Eden were up from their home in NJ and we also got to see Ruth and Jeff. We had a nice time, the drive wasn't terrible and we even got to do some swimming!

Eden. He's only a couple months younger than Maya and Ella.

This lawn mower was a much-coveted toy.

Eden. He's a cutie.

He looked adorable in every picture I took of him.

This blue chair (there was only one) was also a much desired toy/place to sit.

"Hold on a sec... Yes? what do YOU want?"

When two toddlers want to make a phone call at the same time with the same phone.

We all enjoyed some watermelon!

Eden and Kim.

Maya was really happy about the watermelon.

This is why we took off their clothes.

Washing off in the lake.

More lawn mowing, this time on the lawn!

Kim taking pictures, with Ruth in the background.

Showing the photos to Maya and Ella.

After swimming, all Ergo-ed up and ready to walk back to the car for our drive home.

Ella made her first four word sentence this week. Brett and I were moving a table from the carport to the basement and Ella observed: "Mama, Dada, carry table!" One of Ella's favorite songs is currently "What's the Matter?" by Catie Curtis. She is very good at requesting that it be played by saying (very enthusiastically) "Matter! Matter! Matter!" over and over and over. She continues to be a very smiley little girl, who loves to eat, read books and dance to her favorite music.

This is what Ella does when you ask her to smile.


Yum. Ella *really* likes butter.

Brushing up on her baseball.

Where's Ella?

Hat hair.

Cool dude.

Not to be outdone, Maya made her own four word sentence this week. While pretending to call up her uncle, she said very lovingly into the phone, "Hi Guy, come visit!" Maya is really into putting things into bags and carrying them around the house. She is also an amazingly adept climber. She still loves to nurse and snuggle with Mama, enjoys cooking and loves to take books off the shelf and stack them up into a large pile.

Checking to see if there are any ripe apples for picking.

Baby wanted to "nurse" her "Mama".

Taking a walk with baby in the wagon.

All dressed up and ready to go.

Off to the store on her bike.

So cute in that hat.

There's a smile!


Both girls can now say the word, "Grandma" instead of "Gram-Gram". They have been playing really nicely together, sharing toys well, taking turns and playing on their own for short periods of time. They both love to watch videos and their favorites are any of the Baby Einstein ones on YouTube. They are aware and excited that they are turning "Two!" (said while holding up two fingers), and that their cousins and Grandma and Papa will be coming to visit next week from Florida. 

Eating popcorn and watching a video.

It's hard to take a video when all they want to do is see behind the camera, but this is a good example of a typical conversation about the upcoming visit with family. Amber recently got a bad cut on her hand and Maya and Ella are very much looking forward to giving it a kiss.


So cute.

Out for an adventure in downtown Northampton, we saw this cement mixer!

And got some treats (red pepper!) at Cornucopia.

And played at the new-to-us playground in Pulaski park.

Bonus video!

Maybe we need some larger bags...